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Home improvement projects are a big deal! From hiring a contractor to choosing your colors and styles to getting a good deal on home improvement financing — HFS is here to help. We post blogs here every week to help consumers learn more about home improvement and how to get it done right. When you’re ready to invest in the home improvements of your dreams, we hope you turn to HFS Financial. We work hard to earn your business! 

HFS Financial offers fast loans at competitive rates, helping homeowners with everything from a new swimming pool for forever staycations to that new bathroom addition that helps married couples stay that way — or the kitchen renovation that helps you fall in love with cooking all over again.

Love your home. Depend on HFS Financial for the home improvement and swimming pool loans you’ve been looking for.

profitable services to add to your home improvement business

Profitable Services for Your Home Improvement Business

Contractor work is oftentimes a seasonal business. Work picks up in the warmer seasons and tapers off in the cooler seasons, but you know what doesn’t change? Your need for income. One way to ensure you have year-round income is to make sure you have services to offer all year long. Here we have some

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The Top 4 Automation Products for the Pool & Spa Industry

The point of owning a pool or spa is to have the ultimate place to unwind, relax, and connect with the ones you love. Putting a pool or hot tub in the backyard means that your client has a personal getaway to escape from the demands of the world. Purchases from contractors who build or

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3 Staycation Benefits You are Bound to Love

If your travel plans this year are up in the air for your long-awaited vacation, it’s easy to get discouraged. Turn your lemons into lemonade with the ultimate family staycation! A kink in your family’s travel this year can actually work out to be a long-term bonus. At HFS Financial, we’ll help you bring all

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How Long Does Financing for a Hot Tub Take?

Are you ready to become one of the 25,780,000 people soaking in a hot tub this very minute? Of course you are! That’s why you need all the information you can get. An informed investor is a smart investor. We know you’re aching to soak in those hot, steamy, bubbles. So, how long does financing

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Who Can Finance My Hot Tub?

You’ve done your research, and you know there are HUGE differences between the cheapie hot tubs you find online and in the big box stores, versus the quality hot tubs you find at a reputable dealer’s store. You want a hot tub that’s going to last. One that will withstand the freeze-thaw cycles of winter.

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