Should My General Contractor Business Send Email Newsletters?

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It’s easier than ever to get your company’s name and information out there for potential customers with the variety of social media accounts available. But what about the old standby, email newsletters? Are they even necessary anymore? Absolutely, they are! When used effectively, email newsletters offer valuable information for your customers. Here are a few reasons to consider starting or revamping a current email newsletter.

Email Newsletters Keep Your Company on Clients’ Minds 

There are so many voices competing for your clients’ attention and you should be one of them. Establish a consistently-timed email newsletter so that they can expect to hear from you on a regular basis. Aim to send a minimum of one email per month to allow customers to stay engaged, but be careful not to go overboard with too many emails too often. (We know you’re picturing those 73 emails per week you receive from that one company after buying a gift for Nana last year.)

Email newsletters are a slightly more informal communication with your customers. Your newsletter will help to build and maintain a relationship with clients as they see a personalized view of your organization. 

Share pictures and stories of featured projects, community involvement, and even employee highlights with your customers. Feature a section that allows feedback from them on what they most want to hear about, ensuring that you add value with each newsletter you send. 

Cost Efficiency 

When you’re running a business you’re always looking for ways to reduce operating costs. What better way to do that than to eliminate print mailers and switch to email newsletters? Now your marketing dollars won’t end up in the recycling bin with other print mailers.

There are several email marketing platforms to choose from, some with amazing low monthly rates for smaller contact lists. Not a graphic designer? Don’t worry! They’ll make it easy for you with templates to choose from. Most offer detailed reports on who reads your newsletter as well as insight for future emails. You’ll save money and grab your customers’ attention with targeted email newsletters.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

One obvious and important way to use your email newsletter is to promote upcoming sales and special events. Worried that your emails will be in-your-face with sales material? Relax! Your emails don’t have to sound salesy to drive business. Use various points throughout the year to remind customers of seasonal maintenance to follow through with and remind them you’re always available to meet their needs. If your company has a blog or video page, use emails to direct customers back to these pages for informative content they can use. Want more tips? Here’s 15 ways to craft the perfect e-newsletter.

Your customers have chosen you as their trusted expert. Show them why that was a great decision and reward them with quality content in your email newsletter! When you’re gathering content for your next email newsletter, don’t forget to remind them HFS Financial can find everything they need for their home improvement project financing. Learn more about HFS Financial today by calling 1-800-254-9560. You Dream It, We Finance It.

Should My General Contractor Business Send Email Newsletters?

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