3 Online Marketing Tips for General Contractors

Marketing Tips for General Contractors

Contractor jobs are not ongoing. Once you complete a project, you need to have another one ready to start on. Referrals from satisfied customers take care of filling in some of the gaps, but you need to get your name out there in other ways too. Fortunately, there are plenty of marketing tips for general contractors to look to.

These days, practically everyone is looking online to find businesses. While they might ask around, many also head online to read reviews and scan social media and web pages. If you’re anxious to get your business out there, but aren’t sure where to start, we have you covered. Here are some marketing tips for general contractors.

Create a Professional Website

If a homeowner was given your name, their next step is often to go online and check out your website. Also, if someone has no referrals, their initial step is likely to search for local contractors online. Either way, you want your site to look professional and offer helpful and compelling information.

If you have the funds to do so, consider paying a professional to design your website. If not, be sure to pay close attention to the look and feel of the site you set up. Read it over for clarity. Be consistent with colors and fonts. Make sure it has a logical flow. Including photos and videos from previous jobs is a big draw for potential clients, as are positive reviews from satisfied customers. 

Be very clear about the types of jobs you do, your qualifications, and any other relevant details. Most importantly, make it easy for prospective clients to spot your contact information.

Create a Social Media Presence

Social media has become huge in marketing. Some business owners mistakenly assume that having social media pages is no different than having a company website. They couldn’t be more wrong. While the website is a great hub for your business, your social media pages give you an invaluable opportunity to interact with potential clients.

Creating regular posts on social media keeps your message out there. Use it to add a variety of content and offer helpful tips. You can also feature job photos and videos from your latest projects, give business updates, and invite comments and questions. Be sure to take the opportunity to create engaging content that makes followers want to ask questions and comment.

Get on Google My Business

Having a business website is wonderful, but if it doesn’t show up in the top few listings when someone runs a search, your efforts are wasted. So how do you get yourself seen? Getting on Google My Business is the best way to start. Creating an account is free. Once you’re on Google My Business, when someone searches your business name, you’ll show up, as will your website, location, and contact information. Having a presence here also boosts your search rankings.

Give Them a Reason to Stay

Once you have leads coming in, you’ll want to offer perks that entice them to stay. Offering contractor financing is one such plus. Financing for contractors to offer customers can be much simpler than you think. Loans for contractors to offer can be done through HFS Financial, with no real hassle to the contractor. HFS Financial helps your clients get the home improvement financing they need, and you get to stick to what you do best. Interested in giving your business the boost it needs for success? Give us a call at 1-800-254-9560 to find out more!

3 Online Marketing Tips for General Contractors

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