Should You Repair or Replace Your Pool Lining?

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You will need to decide whether or not you want to repair or replace your pool lining when you notice that it’s deteriorating.

All pool liners, at some point, see the end of their days.  This is to be expected after years of use, and happens regularly.  You will need to decide whether or not you want to repair or replace your pool lining when you notice that it’s deteriorating.  Of course, you will eventually have to completely replace it, but that time might not be now.  In order to figure out whether or not you need to replace your pool lining, read on.

Why Repair?


Pool liners can sometimes crack and tear.  If this happens, it doesn’t always mean the liner needs to be replaced.  Rather, you can spend your time attempting to fill the cracks.  It’s possible to simply repair them for the season in order to prevent further damage to your pool.  If your liner has stains, and you aren’t sure what they’re from, try simply shocking the pool.  If that doesn’t work, there are stain cleaners you can buy.  Large tears and rips are situational; you may be able to repair it if the tear hasn’t been left too long, or if the vinyl is not overly stretched.


Why Replace?


There are several reasons you might need to replace the vinyl of your pool lining.  One of those reasons would be complete discoloration–that is, a bleached liner.  Over time, chlorine can cause irreparable color damage.  There is no such thing as pool vinyl paint!  Wrinkles are also a serious problem.  They don’t cause damage, but they’re not repairable after a certain point.  They may not damage your pool,  but they could cause a safety hazard.  Large tears also cannot be repaired, and the liner must be replaced in the case of a large tear down the side of the vinyl.


What Should You Choose?


Consider your current budget.  You’ll have to make replacements at some point, and it’s better to get that done sooner rather than later.  However, making temporary repairs can save you larger problems later on.  Hopefully, you’ll only have to replace the lining due to color fading–this won’t cause damage to the pool foundation, meaning it’ll be less expensive.


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Should You Repair or Replace Your Pool Lining?

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