Solving Issues in Dirt Hauling for General Contractors

Front loader for dirt hauling

Some projects that you take on as a contractor will inevitably require dirt hauling. You may be digging a swimming pool, undertaking a large landscaping project, creating a walk-out basement, installing a driveway — you name it. Dirt hauling requires specialized training and, in many cases, it’s a job left best left to professional dirt movers. There are a few exceptions. Here’s what every successful contractor business needs to know about dirt hauling.

Prepare for Inspections

When dirt hauling is involved, you can expect to have more required inspections than you might be used to with other projects. There are many reasons for this, but the possibility of causing soil erosion is a common one. The large equipment you’re bringing on to the property may need to pass an inspection, too. 

Picking the Right Dirt Hauler

Not to say that you can’t handle dirt removal yourself, but unless it’s one of your specialized skills, you’ll probably need to subcontract a professional dirt hauling company or excavator. If you do handle it yourself, and there’s a minimal amount of dirt involved, you can rent a dumpster and have it picked up. 

For other residential projects, you will likely need to hire a subcontractor. Don’t have a dirt hauler in your usual go-to subcontractor list? Try using an app like SmartBid® that allows you to prequalify subcontractors. Or, scope out the subs who are handling the dirt hauling for other projects in your area. Then, don’t be shy to ask for references. 

One of the keys to running a successful contractor company is knowing when to hire specialists to handle certain aspects of your project. Dirt hauling is usually one of those times. Next, read “Hiring the Best Employees for Your Contracting Business” for more tips!

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Solving Issues in Dirt Hauling for General Contractors

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