Spring Marketing For Home Improvement Contractors

Spring Backyard Home Improvement

Spring has arrived, and this season affords an excellent opportunity for marketing. People are ready to get moving on all of the projects they’ve been itching to get started on through the dreary winter. Now’s your chance to show those potential clients why you’re the best contractor for the job. You can use these spring marketing tips for home improvement contractors to put your best foot forward.

Stay Active on Social Media

Just like kids being out and about in the warm weather, you want to stay active on your business social media accounts. Social media is actually an amazing tool for marketing that costs you nothing except maybe a little extra time and effort. And most social media platforms make it incredibly simple to schedule posts far in advance. Make the effort to post consistently at whatever time interval you can manage. Set aside one day to create and schedule social media posts for the week. Daily or weekly posts will go a long way to engaging your client base while giving them ideas for new spring projects like cleaning out those pesky gutters or making sure their AC is running properly. Don’t miss out on free marketing. It has the potential to really boost your client list.

Post Photos and Videos

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are perfect for sharing photos and videos to reach clients and leads. And what better way for your work to shine as a general contractor than through visual media. You don’t need any fancy equipment or photography classes. Your smartphone is perfectly fine. Clients will love seeing before and after photos of your projects. You can post videos of projects in progress with updates as you go along. Have fun with your marketing, and show your future clients the kind of upgrades you can make to their homes and backyards! Draw your followers in so that they long to know what you’re up to each day. 

Engage Your Community

Make sure you’re engaging your local community of followers in your social media marketing and any other advertisements you have. Ask questions of your followers that are related to your contracting business but are also a little bit fun. Something like this: “Would you rather install a brand new inground pool or build the most epic back deck?” Then let them engage with you! Also, make sure your followers and potential clients are aware of all the services you offer. Post example photos and services lists so your information is easy to find. You’ll get your clients and leads thinking about all the improvements they can make to their backyard areas for spring. They’ll already know exactly who to call to make it happen — you! 

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Spring Marketing For Home Improvement Contractors

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