The Best Pool Storage Solutions for Your Backyard

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Here are some of our best pool storage ideas that you can use in your backyard this summer.

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get ready to take a dip in your pool. If you are looking forward to Memorial Day weekend but not looking forward to storing all of your pool equipment, pool toys, and pool accessories, you need effective pool storage solutions. Here are some of our best pool storage ideas that you can use in your backyard this summer.


Storage Bins

Storage bins are a cost-effective and simple solution to backyard storage woes. Outdoor storage bins are designed for rugged situations and can hold everything from pool toys to pool equipment. The best pool storage bins are made of thick plastic or nylon mesh, so that items are either airtight or able to dry while they are stored (so you can store them as you leave the pool). Storage bins aren’t always the prettiest things on your patio, though, so choose options with wheels so that you can hide them out of sight.


Hooks are another simple pool storage solution for long items that need to be hung off the ground to prevent damage, like skimmers and safety equipment. Hooks can be used near your pool so that you can grab the things you need immediately when you need them. Hooks also double as a huge help when you are taking a dip in the pool, as you can hang your clothing or towels from them. If you have a wall, fence, or shed nearby, consider adding hooks on the outside for pool storage.

A Simple Shed

Sheds are used for a wide variety of storage applications, so why not use a shed for your pool storage? Sheds can store everything from chemicals, to expensive pool equipment, to any other pool-related items you can think of. Sheds also offer the additional benefit of locking for extra security.

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The Best Pool Storage Solutions for Your Backyard

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