The Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a Deck and Patio Builder

hiring a deck and patio builder

Decks and patios are some of the most popular backyard renovation projects, because anything else you want to enjoy in your backyard starts with a nice place to sit. But are there tips to hiring a deck and patio builder? Here’s how to carefully select a deck and patio builder, so that your end result is precisely what you dreamed of when you set out to get it done. Soon, you can be living your backyard dreams with a beautiful space to call your own.

Hiring a Deck and Patio Builder with Excellent Reviews

Hiring a deck and patio builder does not have to be complicated. Ideally, a close friend or family member recently got an outstanding deck or patio done and is happy to give you the name and number of their builder. If you don’t know anyone with a good contact, you’ll need to start from scratch. Fortunately, online reviews make it easy to look for a contractor who’s done great work in your area. But online reviews can only go so far. If you are interested in hiring a deck or patio builder who has caught your eye, ask for some references and make a few phone calls. Ask to see the contractor’s gallery of finished jobs. Also, read the review comments to see if the negative reviewers actually have legitimate concerns or are just Negative Nancys. A contractor who goes a long way to make sure their customer is satisfied is a great place to start.

Hiring a Deck and Patio Builder Who’s Licensed, Bonded & Insured

If a deck and patio builder has made your final list of choices, it’s time to ask for their license, bond, and insurance paperwork. Protect yourself and your home upfront. You really don’t want to think about a contractor or their employee getting seriously injured in your backyard or damaging your property. Unfortunately, those possibilities are reality when people come to your home and work with tools and equipment.

Starting out with a deck and patio contractor who is properly licensed, bonded, and insured is the only way to protect yourself from those liabilities. Although unlikely, it’s important to guard yourself and your family against any issues that may arise. Otherwise, you may be holding the bag in case of an accident, building codes not being met, or if a project is left incomplete. Instead, with the proper paperwork, you can look forward to your visions becoming the beautiful reality you’ve longed for.

Make Sure Your Deck and Patio Builder Provides the Right Documentation for the Project

There was a day and time when a handshake agreement was all you needed to get a good job done right. In 2022, you need paperwork — and it needs to be the right paperwork. Your deck and patio contractor should provide you with the proper documentation, including a formal contract, a schedule for the project, the agreed-upon scope of the project, an estimate for costs of materials, labor, and incidentals. The papers mentioned above should prove they are properly licensed and insured. If they aren’t willing to put it in writing, they likely won’t back up what they’ve promised you. And when hiring a deck and patio builder, you want to have all your ducks in a row.

Determine the Scope of Your Deck or Patio Project Before You Hire

Before hiring a deck and patio contractor, decide on the basic scope of the project. What size do you want? What features do you like, such as built-in seating, a deck or patio cover, etc.? Do you want any additional features such as an outdoor kitchen or gorgeous fire pit or fireplace? And most importantly, what’s your budget? It’s a good idea to have a “what I want to pay” minimum price, as well as an “as much as I’m willing to pay” maximum price in mind. Before finalizing your budget, check prices of lumber, concrete, and other materials. If it’s been a few years since you priced materials, you might be surprised at how costs have gone up recently. Feel free to take advantage of multiple offers for free estimates by local deck and patio builders. But your final decision should be on the quality of work provided and the features included in the estimate. The lowest price is often not the best deal.

Look for a Deck and Patio Builder Who Offers Financing

Nationally, the average cost per square foot of deck in 2022 is $12. However, with materials and labor costs rising substantially over the past couple of years, that number is steadily climbing. For a 10′ x 10′ deck, you can expect to pay $1,200 for materials, not including labor, extra features, and incidentals. This makes deck and patio financing an attractive option for most consumers. Getting the right financing can not only make your project happen more quickly, you can also get all of the features you want in your beautiful space.

The Right Financing for Your Project

Is hiring a deck and patio builder who offers financing possible? Absolutely! Contractors around the country are partnering with HFS Financial to offer the best in contractor financing for consumers! They understand the value in offering this service to their customers. You can apply for fantastic financing with your builder of choice if they are an HFS Financial partner, or you can apply directly with HFS Financial for your deck and patio builds. Using this free online tool does not impact your credit score. And one of the best parts? Your loan will be funded upfront before the construction on your beautiful new deck or patio even begins. There’s never any staged funding to slow the project down. And you’ll be sure to create a space that you long to retreat to each and every day.

Have a great time hiring a deck and patio builder who can bring your dreams to fruition. With the HFS Financial Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a Deck and Patio Builder, you’ll have all the information you need to be successful in your hiring choice. And when it comes to financing, you know just where to turn. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

The Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a Deck and Patio Builder

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