The Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a Gutter and Siding Contractor

A man wearing a work vest and tool belt welds a gutter onto the side of home. When hiring a gutter and siding contractor look for competent professionals like this one.

Hiring a gutter and siding contractor is a massive decision, and we know it can be tough to carry that weight. So, we’ve put together the Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a Gutter and Siding Contractor just for you. 

Let’s take some of the guesswork out of hiring a gutter and siding contractor so that you can rest a little easier in your decision-making process. There are some red flags to look for and some green flags, too. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but a little guidance never hurt anybody. Here’s the Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a Gutter and Siding Contractor. 

Check References Before Officially Hiring a Gutter and Siding Contractor

A couple looks at online reviews when hiring a gutter and siding contractor.
Check online reviews when hiring a gutter and siding contractor.

Let’s start with some of the red flags you want to look out for when hiring a gutter and siding contractor. Best practice when it comes to hiring any sort of contractor is to prioritize checking references and reading online reviews

You’ll have to actually ask your potential contractor for his or her references. It may sound intimidating initially, but it’s actually a pretty good litmus test. If your potential contractor doesn’t want to give you references, that’s one of the biggest red flags you can get. 

Needing some time to get permission from past customers to release their information is normal. Refusing to give any references or giving excuses as to why they can’t is not. If you come across a contractor who can’t give you references, that might be the only sign you need to move on. 

On the other hand, if you have a meeting with a contractor who already has some references prepared in advance of your meeting, that could be a green flag. Absolutely still check those references but keep that in mind as you consider all of your prospects because that contractor is one step ahead in the game. 

And don’t sleep on online reviews. Online reviews for gutter and siding contractors are a great way to get a lot of information in a short period of time. Take those reviews with a grain of salt, but you can get a pretty good working idea of the quality of a gutter and siding contractor by reading a few online reviews. 

The important thing is to do the leg work before hiring a gutter and siding contractor, so you don’t end up disappointed or in serious trouble later. 

Check for Official Licensing and Insurance When You’re Looking for a Gutter and Siding Contractor

A man checks through the paperwork of his gutter and siding contractor.
Take licensing, insurance, and bonding seriously.

The next red flag when you’re hiring a gutter and siding contractor is a lack of proper insurance, bonding, and licensing. The truth of the matter is there are some scary pitfalls when it comes to hiring an unqualified contractor, but they are easily avoidable when you take the time to check these things out before you sign on the line. 

In most states, it is a hard requirement that contractors be licensed. But that doesn’t mean that they all are. The burden is on you to ask. And don’t just ask because, shockingly, people aren’t always honest. Politely insist that you be able to see, touch, and inspect your contractor’s license, insurance, and bonding paperwork. For the most professional gutter and siding contractors, this should be par for the course. They should be eager to provide you with these documents because they’ve worked hard to earn them, and it means they’re the best available. 

Adequate insurance is particularly important, especially when you’re hiring a gutter and siding contractor, because those workers will be elevated on your property. You need to make sure your contractor is fully covered because you never know when an accident will happen. And the nature of the job means the risk is even higher. 

Check for the Right Paperwork from Your Gutter and Siding Contractor

A man's hand holds a pencil and looks at a contractor's agreement.
Read through all the paperwork to fully understand the process.

As we continue on in our Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a Gutter and Siding Contractor, let’s take a look at some of the green flags you can look for throughout the hiring process. When it comes to hiring a gutter and siding contractor, there are some specific documents you should expect from them. 

These documents are going to include simply the standard documents that you should expect from any home improvement contractor. First and foremost, you’ll want to look for the contract and all the different specifications held within. 

Be a conscientious consumer and read the fine print of your contract. Any good, professional contractor will go over the details of the contract with you, but it’s your responsibility to know what you’re looking at and what you’re agreeing to. 

One green flag you can look for at this point is a contractor who not only has all the necessary documents but also one who is organized and walks you through the process. These contractors can get the green light because they’re already showing honesty and integrity. And those are two qualities you’ll want when hiring a gutter and siding contractor. 

Find a Gutter and Siding Contractor Who Offers Contractor Financing

A gutter and siding contractor installs new, dark red siding with a hammer and nail.
Make sure your gutter and siding contractor offers excellent financing options.

Finally, in your search for hiring a gutter and siding contractor you need someone who offers contractor financing. Finding a contractor who offers gutter and siding financing is actually a good thing, because it means that they value the customer service they provide to their clients.

For those of you who are looking for gutter financing or siding financing, there are so many benefits to using a contractor who offers contractor financing over a more traditional loan from a bank. You can get your home improvement project done faster and with less hassle on your part. 

Those more traditional loans can take more time because of things like stage funding and closing costs. That’s not true when you finance through your contractor, especially if your contractor has partnered with an excellent company like HFS Financial. 

Our experts at HFS Financial have been in the home improvement financing business for decades. It’s possible that your potential gutter and siding contractor already works with HFS. But even if that’s not the case, you can still work with us to get the best funding options around

When you’re hiring a gutter and siding contractor, consider one that offers financing through HFS Financial or go ahead and contact us today to get started. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

The Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a Gutter and Siding Contractor

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