Before Hiring a Gutter and Siding Contractor, Decide on the Scope of the Renovation Project

Decide on the scope of the renovation project

Before starting a gutter or siding project, it’s crucial to decide on the scope of your renovation project. What does that mean, exactly? It means preparing yourself for what you’re getting into before committing to a contractor. If you go into a consultation blind, you might end up spending more money than you thought, and your finished product might be missing things you didn’t think about.

Decide on Your Goal

Are you repairing broken gutters or siding? Are you flipping a house? Are you updating for aesthetic purposes? Are you adding gutters because your house didn’t come with any? The answers to all these questions might impact your thinking about budget, style, and timeline. 

Decide on Your Specifics

What exactly do you want your house to look like when the project is finished? Do you want rain barrels connected to your gutters? Do you need some updated light fixtures to go with your siding? Does the whole roof line need gutters or just part of it? You’ll get more accurate estimates from contractors if you know this information ahead of time. 

And don’t just think about the specifics — write them down! It’s amazing what your brain will forget about when you’re in the moment.

Decide on Your Timeline

Are you on a tight schedule due to flipping a house? Do you need gutters before the rainy season? Is your timeline not as important as finding the best contractor? Your preferred timeline should definitely be mentioned during your initial consultation. 

Decide on Your Contractor

After doing your research, which contractor seems to have the highest quality of work? Which one has the best online reviews? Are they licensed, insured, and bonded? There are many considerations that go into finding the “perfect” gutter and siding contractor. To do your due diligence, it’s best to meet and get quotes from three different companies.

Click here for more information about how to check references and reviews of gutter and siding contractors. 

Decide on Your Budget

Do you have a maximum amount you’re willing to spend, or do you have some wiggle room? What “extras” are you willing to nix if they don’t fit into your budget? If the budget in your head is way lower than the estimates from multiple contractors, don’t get mad — get financing!

Decide on Your Financing

How are you going to pay for the gutters and siding? By refinancing your house and paying interest for 30 more years on a new mortgage? Or, by getting a quick and easy home improvement loan through HFS Financial? Out of all the questions you need to answer, this is by far the easiest one. 

This blog details the pros and cons of different financing options for gutters and siding.

At HFS Financial, we can show you the best loan options to fit your needs. We’ve been in this business for over five decades, after all. Additionally, your project will be funded upfront. We don’t do stage funding like some banks. Get started by filling out our 60-second application or contact us if you have more questions. At HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

Before Hiring a Gutter and Siding Contractor, Decide on the Scope of the Renovation Project

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