The Deck and Patio Builder’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

The Deck and Patio Builder’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social media is the new public square. People gather there to share their stories and feelings on anything and everything — usually in the form of pictures and memes. A great way to get your name out there is to put content on your social media sites that people will share. This includes pictures of your work. If your customer is proud of the work you’ve done for them, they’ll want to show it off. If they are impressed by work you’ve done for others, they’ll share that too, and want to hire you. When they do, you can partner with us for contractor financing. But first, here’s the deck and patio builder’s guide to social media marketing.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

First up in the deck and patio builder’s guide to social media marketing is pictures. Did we mention pictures? It really can’t be emphasized enough. The old saying that pictures are worth a thousand words probably underestimates their value. Words take time to read and understand. A picture tells a story in a single glance. In your case, the story should be about how amazing your deck and patio builds are. Take high-quality images of your work, especially the elaborate builds that really catch people’s eye and get their imagination going. That will get them thinking about improvements to their own backyards. Sharing some funny memes that people love doesn’t hurt either.

Share the Good Stories that Go with the Pictures

If you have any builds that come with a good story, share them. It could be a story about how you helped a customer get patio financing, deck financing, or a funny anecdote about some stuff that happened on the job. This helps make you more approachable and let’s potential customers know that you are great to work with. You are, after all, ultimately working for people that are members of a real-world community, even if they find you in cyberspace. They will appreciate being able to put an affable personality to the name they associate with your business.

Plan Social Media Marketing Posts Ahead

Most social media sites have a planner you can use to plan posts ahead. It doesn’t take too long to sit down on a Saturday morning and schedule posts for the week. Try not to recycle the same ones too much or use the same pictures for different posts. If people see the same picture, they’ll think they’ve already read it. Generally, the best time to post is around mealtimes.

From the Deck and Patio Builder’s Guide to Social Media Marketing: Let Your Customers Know You Offer Financing

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The Deck and Patio Builder’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

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