What Every Deck and Patio Business Needs in a Website

Two contractors build a deck which is a good example of what every deck and patio business needs in a website.

It’s easy to get off in the weeds of website building. What information do you really need to put on there? As a deck and patio business, do you even have to have a website to begin with? Who’s going to look at it in the first place? You may have a few questions, and that’s okay. We’ve got some thoughts. Here’s what every deck and patio business needs in a website. 

Clear List of Services Your Deck and Patio Business Offers

To answer your questions, yes you do need a website, and the vast majority of clients and potential clients do actually use contractor business websites for research. Building a reasonable, well-functioning website is a must. 

One of the first and most important things to put on your deck and patio business website is clear information regarding your services. Clearly list the services you specialize in, and what your experience is with each service you provide. You want your clients to have a clear picture of what you do, so they can determine whether or not you’re the right contractor for their job. The main job of your website is to convey information about your business and to provide current and updated information. 

Clear and Detailed Contact Information on Your Website

Speaking of current information, the next thing your deck and patio business needs in a website is clear and detailed contact information. You’ll definitely want to include the standard contact information page, but don’t stop there. List your contact information and business hours in multiple locations on your website, so the information is easily accessible and abundantly clear. You can have a beautiful website, but if no one can figure out how to reach you, that won’t help you or your business!

Online Gallery of High-Quality Images of Projects You’ve Completed

Speaking of beautiful websites, that’s next on our list. As a deck and patio contractor, you’re in the business of creating beautiful final products. No one wants to build an ugly deck or patio, so you strive to produce a certain level of quality. And that’s great because you can document your work with high-quality photos and place them on your website to encourage other people to hire you. 

Accreditation, Certificates, and Experience You Hold

Also consider giving people a good reason to trust you’ll get the job done. Make sure you list your professional experience level, any accreditation or certifications you have, and any other information that shows just how credible you are. Awards and accolades are definitely a win for you to display, also.

Offer Contractor Financing for Your Deck and Patio Customers from HFS Financial

And lastly, you absolutely must have information about contractor financing from HFS Financial. When clients need deck financing or patio financing for their next project, they’ll need to know it’s something you offer. 

Luckily for you, partnering with HFS Financial to offer deck or patio contractor financing is probably the easiest part of the whole website process. When you partner with us, we’ll give you directions to install our HFS Financial widget on your website. The widget allows customers who are interested in deck financing to simply click the widget and be connected to our team of experts. Then your clients can be fully funded more quickly than you can imagine. The great part? Your partnership comes at no cost to you! 

While you’re working on building the best deck and patio business website there is, be sure to partner with HFS Financial to offer the best contractor financing for your customers. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

What Every Deck and Patio Business Needs in a Website

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