The Difference Between Saltwater and Chlorine Pools

woman swimming in a salt water or chlorine pool

With the weather warming up, you’re probably fantasizing about your dream swimming pool: the sparkling blue water, the cool relief from the heat, and the unbeatable relaxation. You wonder, “How do you keep the water so clean and clear?” Next, you start researching pools and discover there are different sanitation methods. You’re probably already familiar with chlorine, but you’ve never heard of a saltwater pool. Here are some of the most common differences between saltwater and chlorine pools, and how to choose which to use in your future aquatic space.

Traditional Chlorine Pools

Chlorine pools are the most common type of pool, as chlorine is more readily available compared to other chemicals. There are many perks to opting for chlorine, such as:

  • Barring unexpected circumstances, chlorine is more widely available than any other sanitation system, including salt water.
  • There’s little upfront cost to using chlorine for your pool.
  • It’s easier to learn how to use compared to other systems.

Chlorine Drawbacks

However, due to a variety of reasons, pool owners look for chlorine alternatives to sanitize their water, some of which include:

  • They don’t like the strong chlorine smell.
  • Chlorine is irritating to their skin and eyes.
  • Chlorine may not be readily available in your local store. (Does anyone else remember the Great Chlorine Shortage of 2020?)

Saltwater Pools 101

Saltwater pools are often misunderstood since most people are so accustomed to the chlorine variety. Here are some basic facts:

  • Saltwater pools are actually not as salty as the water you’d find in the ocean and have only about 10% of the salinity.
  • Saltwater pools are technically not chlorine-free, as they make their own chlorine through electrolysis. So, the chlorine is automatically and naturally generated, rather than you having to add it to the pool water itself, making chemical balancing a breeze.
  • Saltwater pools are incredibly gentle on your eyes and skin.
  • Saltwater pools are considered safer than chlorine since you have to be careful while handling chlorine and keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  • Saltwater pools feel like soft water instead of the harsh water in a chlorine pool.
  • Saltwater pools can need less maintenance than chlorine pools.

Salt Water Drawbacks

While saltwater pools are a great choice, there are a couple of drawbacks to using salt water that lead to consumers picking chlorine pools instead.

  • Saltwater pools require a larger initial investment. Some people ultimately pay more in the long term for a chlorine pool instead of paying more upfront for less maintenance in the future.
  • Saltwater pools are more complex since you can’t simply pour more chemicals in to balance the system, so there is a learning curve.
  • Saltwater pools can damage pool equipment if you do not ensure that the equipment is safe for use in salt water.

Which Pool Is Best for You: Salt Water or Chlorine?

If you aren’t sure if salt water or chlorine is best for your pool, these questions could help you determine your answer.

  • Does the smell of chlorine bother you?
  • Do you have sensitive skin?
  • Would you rather pay a lot upfront with lower ongoing costs later, or do you prefer a lower upfront cost?
  • Do you want more hands-free maintenance? Or do you not mind balancing pool chemicals? (Hey, some people like the routine of taking care of their pool. To each their own!)

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The Difference Between Saltwater and Chlorine Pools

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