3 Amazing Pool Renovations That Are Cost Effective

Updating a pool can be a difficult task because of how much some pool renovations can cost. For example, pool resurfacing, which includes completely revamping the material of the pool’s floor and walls, can be one of the most expensive improvements

However, pool renovations are totally worth the cost of investing in the care of your swimming haven. If you’re curious about how to improve your pool’s value on a budget, here are some great cost-effective ways to update your pool.

3 Cost-Effective Pool Renovations

1. Replacing Waterline Tile

The tile around the edge of your waterline says a lot about how frequently you update your pool. Cracked, stained tiles are going to take away from the entire look of your pool, which is a big deal because it’s such a small and affordable project! It makes a surprising world of difference when you update the look of your waterline tile, and there are so many options on the market to choose from. 

You can opt to find a tile similar to the one you already have or go with a different tile design for a completely new look. With such a simple project, you can really transform your pool, which is what makes this renovation so cost-effective.

2. Upgrading to a Saltwater Pool System

While the actual act of installing a saltwater pool system may not be the cheapest thing in the world, you’ll spend so much less on maintenance that it’ll definitely be worth it — making it one of the most cost-effective pool upgrades you can do.

Saltwater pools require much less water testing, so you’ll save on pool chemical costs. It’s also healthy to swim in a saltwater pool because the water is gentler, so it’s less irritating to your skin and body. 

All in all, upgrading your pool to a saltwater pool can really increase its overall value due to its efficiency and quality of water sanitization. So, If you’re looking for a long-term effective project, a saltwater pool is the perfect renovation.

3. Adding Water Features in and Around Your Pool

Waterfalls, water bowls and fountains, underwater lighting, and pool slides are all great ways to separate your pool from the rest of the neighborhood. Even a simple DIY waterfall helps with the value of your pool. 

When you add a water feature to your swimming pool, you really elevate its look and feel, which easily makes the pool worth more. Because they’re so easy to add and they increase the enjoyment of your pool, why wouldn’t you want to make this cost-effective upgrade?

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3 Amazing Pool Renovations That Are Cost Effective

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