The Fencing and Decking Business’s Guide to Google Rankings

A bearded man in blue flannel holds a coffee cup in his left hand and clicks on the Google search page with his left. He is going to research Google rankings for fencing and decking businesses.

Google rankings go a long way toward a fencing and decking business’s visibility online. As the most used and recognized search engine right now, understanding how Google ranks their search results can help you get more people to your website. More website traffic means more business. And more business means success for you and your team.

So, take a second to educate yourself and see how you can give your fencing and decking business a boost. Here’s the fencing and decking business’s guide to Google rankings.

How does Google rank fencing and decking business’s websites?

One of the first things it’s important to understand is how Google ranks their search results. Google uses tools that access and index information from your website called web crawlers to learn all it can about your website (and every other website). From there, it chooses which websites contain the most relevant and useful information for any given search based on several different factors and Google’s current algorithms. Whichever websites are best, it ranks first. 

What can you do to rank higher as a fencing and decking contractor?

The good news is that you have a lot of control over how you put together your website. And that makes a huge difference to the algorithms and Google rankings. 

Google Rankings Based on Content

One of the first things you want to make sure you do is include a lot of relevant and intelligent content that’s directly related to your fencing and decking business. For example, as a decking and fencing contractor, you’ll need to explain what you do. 

This is an excellent opportunity to use keywords that will help web crawlers for Google rankings know how to rank your website. Keywords like “fencing contractor” or “new deck build” are great words to include in various places on your website. They help categorize your blog for the web crawlers. And they let Google know what your website is all about. 

Using keywords on your website’s content that relate to your business is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a great way to increase your Google rankings and increase your website’s visibility. 

New Content

In addition to the main content on your webpage, Google is also looking for how often you generate new content. That’s why you want to have a detailed website with a lot of information. But you also want to have a place that offers new content, regularly. 

A blog for your website is perfect to do just that. The blog for your decking and fencing website is a great place to use those keywords again and again and utilize SEO. Your blogs can contain information about your business, up and coming projects, or tips for decking and fencing contractors. Blogs are nearly essential for you to improve your decking and fencing business’s Google rankings.

Think Locally 

And finally, a great strategy for doing well in Google rankings is to focus your keyword usage to your local market. Ranking on the top results for national Google rankings is pretty exclusive. But ranking high for local search results is not so much. 

And that’s okay, because if you’re a fencing and decking contractor in Phoenix, Arizona, you’re not interested in booking jobs in Birmingham, Alabama. When you’re writing your website content and your blogs, use keywords like “decking contractor in Phoenix, Arizona.” The more often you do that, the more likely you are to achieve higher Google rankings for search terms like “decking contractor near me.” And that’s what you want to happen.

Contractor Financing and Google Rankings

While you’re learning the art of Google rankings, be sure to include contractor financing as part of your website content. Having a web page dedicated to the best contractor financing you can offer through HFS Financial is just another opportunity to use those keywords and increase your Google rankings.

So, make the leap to offer contractor financing as part of your fencing and decking business. You’ve got so much to gain for your business. We’ve got specialized experience in the home improvement financing business. Partner with us today. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

The Fencing and Decking Business’s Guide to Google Rankings

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