The Fencing And Decking Business’s Guide To Professional Email Communications

A bearded man sits behind a laptop computer as he work on his professional email communications. He's holding his phone, and he has a notebook open in front of him.

Professional email communications are a necessary part of successfully running your fencing and decking business. But there are definitely some best practices that need to be put into place in order to have truly professional email interactions. It’s not complicated, but there are some things to know. 

Keep your customers happy and well-informed with all of your email skills. Here’s the fencing and decking business’s guide to professional email communications. 

Professional Email Communications Matter

It’s easy to fall into thinking that professional email communications don’t matter that much. And that might be true to you or to some customers. But the overall truth is that the vast majority of people will appreciate professionalism in all areas of your business. And maintaining professionalism will keep your business more successful.

All it takes is one client to be offended by your lack of professionalism to mar your fencing and decking business. But that’s not going to be your story. Professional email communications ensure that everyone is on the same page, and that those professional boundaries are maintained.

What Professional Emails Look Like

You may find yourself wondering what the difference between a professional email and a non-professional email is. A professional email should always include a subject line, a formal greeting, information correctly presented clearly and grammatically in the body of your letter, and a closing signature. 

Your professional email communications as a fencing and decking contractor don’t have to be overly complicated or formal, but they do need to follow that basic format. It’s honestly a little startling to open an entire email that only contains one word or a string of emojis. So, just stick to good old sentences. 

When it’s necessary, you can absolutely include images or any other pertinent information like documents. Otherwise, just keep to the essentials for your needs as their decking and fencing contractor. 

Using Professional Email Communications to Your Advantage

It’s also important to understand that professional email communications don’t only include actual email correspondence with one client at a time. You can also create email campaigns for all of your clients at one time. And it’s actually a pretty good strategy to support your decking and fencing business. 

We’re certain you’ve seen these email campaigns before. You sign up for a mailing list to get more information, and then you receive emails in your inbox. You can use these, too, as part of your professional email communications. 

Design your emails with the goal of informing your clients about your skills as a decking and fencing contractor. Be considerate of their time and inbox space. Don’t send emails that are too long. And don’t send too many emails in any given time period. 

Do inform them of the latest and greatest things about your decking and fencing business. And do provide a couple of links for them to easily get to your website to learn more.

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The Fencing And Decking Business’s Guide To Professional Email Communications

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