The Home Improvement Business’s Guide to Smart Hiring

Smart Hiring in a home improvement business

Is your home improvement business growing fast, so you need more help ASAP? Or are you having a hard time finding and keeping quality employees? At HFS Financial, we want to help your business thrive. That’s why our blog features helpful information for contractors such as these smart tips for hiring excellent employees. 

Post the Job in Many Places

Major job sites like Zip Recruiter and Indeed would be the obvious choice for a job listing. However, you’ll be reaching a more specific pool of candidates by posting on construction job boards like Construction Jobs or iHire Construction as well.

Whichever job site you choose to post on, make sure you use your social media presence to advertise the application.  

Write a Detailed Job Description

One option is to post a listing that says “construction worker wanted” and hope for the best. However, if you want to avoid sifting through unqualified resumes, you should include as many details about the job as possible. If your home improvement company specializes in certain renovations such as kitchens, backyards, bathrooms, etc., make sure you emphasize the experience you expect your future employees to have. 

This will also keep you from wasting your time interviewing people who turn out to be completely uninterested in the actual job. 

Conduct Background Checks Early

Your home improvement business might try to save this step for your new employee finalists, but there’s a chance you’re setting yourself up to have to start all over again. Your time is valuable, so run a background check right after you receive their application to avoid disappointment in the future.

Call Those References

This tip might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many businesses skip over the references when hiring an employee. This is probably because it takes extra time, it might be awkward, and they think they are a “good enough” judge of character without needing someone else’s input. 

However, talking to someone who has known the applicant for a long time is essential if you value character as much as experience. An employee could have all the right certifications and all the right experience, but if they can’t work well with others or if they cut corners to save working hard, you’ll want to avoid going down that path.

Train Up Expert Employees

Consider starting an apprenticeship program at your company. The benefit of training your own employees is that you can choose someone based on their hard-working character, and you can teach them how to do home improvement your way. Advertise your new apprenticeship program by partnering with local high schools or colleges. 

You Worry About Hiring and We’ll Worry About Financing

While we hope you won’t regret hiring your next employee, we can guarantee you won’t regret partnering with HFS Financial. When it comes to home improvement financing loans, we will take the burden off your shoulders. Direct your customers to our 60 second application, and you won’t believe how fast and easy it will be to get 100% of your project funding up front. Always remember, at HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!” 

The Home Improvement Business’s Guide to Smart Hiring

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