The General Contractor Business’s Guide To Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing may sound intimidating at first, but once you’ve educated yourself on the ins and outs, it is not nearly as difficult as it seems. Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing methods of customer engagement today. An ad or post on social media could be the difference between you and your competitor when it comes to gaining your next client. So, what approach should you take? Here’s the general contractor business’s guide to social media marketing.

Building a Following

As a general contractor, you know a thing or two about building. But what about building a following on your social media accounts? If you intend to use your social media platforms to market your general contracting business, you’ll need to build a following and retain it. 

Building a following usually just takes time and consistency. First of all, you’ll want to encourage people to follow your pages. That can be as simple as adding your Instagram or Twitter handle to your business cards or telling your clients at signing to follow your accounts and stay up to date on your projects. 

It might be wise to include some incentives for following, too. Consider offering giveaways on your accounts so people follow and share your social media posts. It’s a great way to build your following, which can in turn build your business. Most likely, however, your social media pages will grow best simply by posting regularly. 

Social Media Marketing Images

When it comes to social media marketing for contractors, the most important part of a social media post is the image or video. It needs to be something that both draws the attention of the consumer and showcases the service being offered. 

Think of photos you could take during your everyday activities. Can you set up your tools in an interesting or funny way? Do you have a particularly impressive task going on like intricate tile work or the framing of a big project? Maybe make a quick video with a DIY home improvement tip every Tuesday. Or time lapse all of your big building projects so that prospective clients can see the overall process. Just remember to highlight your skills, because you are selling something. But have fun with it too! If you’re enjoying making the content, your followers will enjoy watching it and hiring you for their next project. 

Social Media Marketing Ads

Additionally, you should consider actually investing in the advertisement features of today’s social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Contractors have a unique advantage in social media marketing where they can showcase their work in their ads or social posts. Some platforms have the option to turn your posts into what’s called a sponsored post. That means that the platform will intentionally show your general contracting business’s social post to more people on the platform for a fee. While social media platforms are free to use, and you can gain a lot of free marketing, there are also options to pay for extra views which may benefit you. 

There are so many facets to social media and marketing for general contractors that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. All you need to do is start slow and stay steady. And as your following grows, partner with HFS Financial to offer contractor financing to all the new clients you’ve gained from your social media marketing campaigns. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 

The General Contractor Business’s Guide To Social Media Marketing

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