The Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Contractor’s Guide to Professional Customer Service

customers happy with their kitchen remodel

For kitchen and bath remodeling contractors, good customer service is essential. The quality of your work can be impeccable, but if the customer doesn’t feel appreciated and valued, they may choose someone else in the future. There are as many different types of customers as there are people, so the best strategy for customer service is a general strategy. Don’t leave them waiting, make them comfortable, own your mistakes, and listen to everything the customer has to say.

Don’t Leave Them Waiting

Kitchen and bath remodeling contractors are doing work that can tie up a customer’s home. The sooner the work gets done, the sooner the customer can access that bathroom or kitchen again. It’s important then, even at the start, to deal with the customer in a timely manner. Even when you are bidding on the job, getting back to the customer quickly will help them feel secure about your sense of punctuality. The longer people are put on hold, the less likely they are to wait — especially if they have other options.

Make Them Comfortable

Being personable throughout the process should be your number one goal. Kitchen remodeling contractors are likely to encounter the customer while working on their kitchen. Not a lot of kitchen stuff is easily transferred to the living room. Same goes for the bath. Smiles and polite consideration go a long way to help the customer feel at home… which, after all, they are. This also starts with the bidding process. The old saying that you don’t get a second chance to make first impressions applies here. The customer is making a commitment not just to paying you, but to having you in their home.

Own Your Mistakes

Issues come up sometime. No, we don’t like to think about it, but it happens. When it does, the best thing kitchen and bath remodeling contractors can do is own it and fix it. Here the general amicability you’ve been practicing comes in handy. A customer who is already comfortable with your personality will also be more forgiving when something comes up. When you fix it in a timely manner, they will be thankful. They’ll tell everyone in the future how well — and how quickly — you worked with them to resolve the problem. That translates into future work.

Listen to the Customer

Here we come full circle. You were quick to respond to your customer’s queries, you made them comfortable with your personable attitude, and you took care of any issues that came up. All throughout this process, you’ve listened to your customer. Just because the work is done doesn’t mean there isn’t something more to learn. Ask your customer how the process went for them and actively listen. This will impress upon them that you are always looking to improve their experience. This, in turn, will increase the likelihood that they will want to repeat it and share it with others.

Your Customer is Our Customer, Too

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The Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Contractor’s Guide to Professional Customer Service

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