The Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Business’s Guide to Dominating the Competition in Your Market

kitchen and bath remodeling business

Kitchen and bath remodeling is no joke. You may find yourself in fierce competition with the local kitchen and bath remodeling contractors in your area. So, how do you get ahead? How can you break away from the pack and stand alone to fully dominate the competition? The answer is strategy and education. Take some time to really study what it takes to keep ahead in the game, and you’ll set your kitchen and bath remodeling business up for total domination. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got some excellent pointers all in one place for your needs. Here’s the kitchen and bath remodeling business’s guide to dominating the competition in your market. 


A kitchen and bath remodeling business contractor and a customer shake hands.
Maintain professional customer service as a kitchen and bath remodeling business owner.

First things first, every successful kitchen and bath remodeling contractor understands the importance of maintaining professionalism. If you’re serious about dominating the competition, you need to be serious about your business. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and be human and interact with your customers. But it does mean you know when to laugh and when to work. 

It also means you know how to conduct professional customer service. Part of setting yourself apart from the competition means that your customer service is next level. You know how to make your customers feel seen, heard, and appreciated without compromising the health and value of your company. It’s a tight line to walk, but a little education, effort, and practice go a long way.  

General Financing

Customers can get a glimpse of a kitchen and bath remodeling business’s positive and negative qualities through online reviews.

The next way you can dominate the competition in your market is to manage your internet interactions and presence. Whether you hate it or love it, the internet is the primary means of communication today for both personal and professional use. That means you need to know how your kitchen and bath remodeling business is showing up online. 

Do you ever wonder if online reviews are important for your kitchen and bath remodeling business? In short, yes, they are. But do you know why? And what if your reviews aren’t that great?

Basically, your online presence is how the vast majority of people will learn about your business and interact with you. That’s why your online reviews are so important, and review sites like Yelp and others give you the opportunity to address negative comments. So, it’s worthwhile for you to keep up with your business’s online reviews. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to manage your online interactions professionally and well. 

Social Media Demystified 

An iPad shows all the different social media app that you can use for a kitchen and bath remodeling business.
Use social media to increase your kitchen and bath remodeling business’s following.

Speaking of your business’s online presence, social media is a great and wonderful tool to stay ahead of your competition and absolutely dominate. As a kitchen and bath remodeling general contractor, you’ll need advertising. One of the lowest hanging fruits when it comes to advertising these days is social media. You can use social media marketing to build a large and loyal following for your business.

But it’s not as simple as some people think. You’ll need to prioritize consistent posting, quality images, and interactions with your followers to get the most out of your kitchen and bath remodeling business’s social media accounts. It can start out fun and quickly become a burden. So, make sure you’re utilizing tools and opportunities. Some platforms like Facebook have a tool that allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, so definitely take advantage of that. Other social media tools like hashtags also get your content in front of new people, so don’t forget to #hashtagitup. 

Business Means Business 

A kitchen and bath remodeling business owner works on a white tub.
It’s important to know your business when it comes to kitchen and bath remodels.

As we move on, every good kitchen and bath remodeling contractor understands the finer details of the contracting business. Business ownership of any kind comes with its own challenges, but especially kitchen and bath remodeling. What are some ways to set your business ahead of the competition? By increasing efficiency and just overall making things easier for yourself. 

One way to do just that is to hire smart. As your business grows, you’ll need to hire more team members. Prioritize the qualities in your employees that will allow your business to dominate the competition. Look for reliable workers as well as skilled workers. You can teach extra skills, but reliability is what gets the work done. And recognize your needs before you get behind. Stay ahead of the competition. 

You’ll also want to prioritize your own organization. Sloppy contractors don’t dominate the competition. They revamp their processes over and over again as their company grows. Save time and money by being organized and informed. Know what documentation you should always provide your clients and have them ready and organized each time. When you’re working with people’s time and money, it pays to earn their trust. Do that by being organized and knowledgeable about documentation and your own business. 

Expand and Adapt

A kitchen and bath remodeling business has completed a beautiful bath remodel with a glass shower and tile.
Use all of your skills to expand your kitchen and bath remodeling business.

It’s also important to be able to notice and utilize opportunities to expand your kitchen and bath remodeling business. And when those opportunities don’t pan out, be able to adapt. As a kitchen and bath contractor, you have the skills to create beautiful, functional spaces out of old spaces that need a little help. But have you ever considered ways you can expand your business? 

Think about the skills you already have and translate them into an expanding business that can dominate the competition. Consider expanding your business by offering outdoor kitchen installations or translating backsplash and tile-laying skills to patios or other areas of the home. The more you expand your skill set, the more marketable your business will be. Then you’ll really pull ahead of the competition. 

And when things don’t work out on the job like you planned, make the effort to adapt. There will be plans and unforeseen circumstances, and you need to learn how to roll with the punches. Always be prepared with a plan B. If you’re planning on painting cabinets in the backyard and it rains, move indoors and finish the backsplash installation. Adaptability can go a long way toward helping your kitchen and bath remodeling business really dominate the competition. 

Offer Contractor Financing

A contractor wearing a hard hat holds up a wallet and has a big smile on his face.
Offer contractor financing through HFS Financial.

And last but not least, offering contractor financing through HFS Financial will really help you edge your way to the top. When you’re looking for domination in the contracting business world, you have to set yourself up for success. So many potential clients may not have the current and available financing to make their kitchen and bath remodel a reality. But you can make it easy by offering the best contractor financing for your customers. You open yourself up to a whole new group of clients who can now book your services, and you’ve set yourself up miles ahead of the competition. And that’s what domination looks like. 

So, give our team a call today. You never have to deal with stage funding, and the process is quick and easy for you and your clients. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”  

The Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Business’s Guide to Dominating the Competition in Your Market

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