The Sunroom Builder’s Guide to Google Rankings

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Larry Page, the cofounder of Google, once said, “It’s quite complicated and sounds circular, but we’ve worked out a way of calculating a website’s importance.” 

This is why it’s vital for any sunroom contractor to have a guide to Google rankings. When a customer searches for “sunroom builder in my area,” the results are not going to be listed in random order. That person will start clicking on sites from the top down. With a little knowledge, you can make your way to the number one spot, and wave to your competition as you pass by. 

Guide to Google Rankings: Crawlers

Crawlers work for Google, but they don’t need to eat, sleep, or take time off. These digital “creepy crawlies” are programmed to comb the world wide web and index every single site in existence. Then they use over 200 factors to figure out how those sites should rank in the search engine. Here are a few ways you can win over the crawlers.

Add High Quality Content to Your Site

Some pages of your website should have in-depth information about the questions people are asking. What are some of the common questions people ask you when they call for the first time? If you address those on your site, people will stay there longer.

The crawlers know the average length of time a visitor stays on your site. If all your site has is a phone number and office hours, people will be clicking the back button in a matter of seconds. If you can keep people on your site by providing more information, the crawlers will see your site as more helpful to their users.

Research Trending Keywords

One way to update your site with new information on a weekly or monthly basis is by adding a blog. To decide what information you want to provide users, look up which keyword phrases are trending right now. 

There are a few different websites that provide information about trending keywords. Most of them work the same way. For example, if you type in “sunroom renovation,” you can see what other topics people are searching for that are related to that phrase. The phrases might look like “sunroom renovation cost” or “sunroom renovation permit.”

Once you figure out your keyword phrase, write about it in a blog post. Use the phrase multiple times throughout and go into detail on the information.

Make Your Site Look Professional and Organized

It’s totally worth it to hire a professional to design your website. Include before and after pictures of your sunroom projects. Make your pages easy to navigate. And finally, make sure your page loads quickly after someone clicks on the link — both on a desktop and on a smartphone. 

Guide to Google Rankings: Include Information About Contractor Financing on Your Website

In addition to wanting a sunroom, customers are going to want to know how exactly they will pay for it. You can add desirable information to your site by talking about your partnership with HFS Financial

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The Sunroom Builder’s Guide to Google Rankings

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