The Swimming Pool Business’s Guide to Smart Hiring

Woman reading hiring application on tablet

As a business owner, you understand more than anyone the importance of hiring reliable employees. Pool builders definitely need to have skilled, trustworthy people working with them to create beautiful pools. You want to know you can rely on your team to uphold the core values of your company, and you also want to have employees that will stick around for the long haul. If you’re looking for the swimming pool business’s guide to smart hiring, you’ve found it.

HFS Financial has been in the home improvement loan industry for many years. People searching for pool loans are something we encounter on a regular basis. Contractors who build breathtaking pools also partner with us to provide the best customer financing for their clients. Here are some tips to help you in the process of hiring employees for your company.

Maximize Your Methods

First, hiring smart begins with building your network of possible candidates. There are all kinds of methods for recruiting new employees. Don’t use just one technique and hope for good results. In an ideal situation, qualified people would just come directly to you to apply for the very position you need to fill. However, this is not realistic. Be creative and maximize your methods for hiring new employees.

Put out advertisements giving detailed information about the qualifications and experience an applicant needs. Utilize social media as well as online job boards to get the word out that your company is hiring. Go out and look for people who could be potential candidates as well. 

Converse in the Community

Another great way to hire smart is to let the people in your area know that you are searching for new crew members. Have conversations with people you meet while you’re purchasing supplies or are out in the community. This allows you to get to know people who are skilled and searching for new work. 

It also helps to be friendly and build a great reputation for your swimming pool business in the community that you’re serving. Then you can leave your contact information at the local hardware store and places that know you’re looking to hire. You are enlisting help with recruiting without any extra effort when you let everyone you meet know you are adding to your crew.

Engage Your Employees in the Search

Your existing employees are a great asset in finding new hires to add value to your company. Engage them in the search as you work to locate the additional team members your company needs. Check-in with them regularly to see if they have come across friends or acquaintances that are qualified to join your pool-building workforce. 

Familiarize New Hires with Your Fantastic Financing

One more thing to remember as you study the swimming pool business’s guide to smart hiring is this: be sure to familiarize your new hires with the financing you offer through HFS Financial. They will be taking in all kinds of information, but it is important that they know how to spread the word about the excellent contractor financing associated with your pool business.

It takes just 60 seconds for your customers to inquire about a new pool loan. Our knowledgeable team is available to answer any questions at 1-800-254-9560. Hiring smart means you will find the employees you need to help your pool-building business grow. “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

The Swimming Pool Business’s Guide to Smart Hiring

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