Ways to Manage Project Schedules and Crews

Ways to Manage Project Schedules and Crews

When you’re working with multiple projects and numerous crews you need to manage things properly in order to have a successful company. You’re focused on the big picture, but true success is in the details. Here are 4 ways contractors can better manage their project schedule and crews.


First up, we have planning. Construction planning is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle for general contractors. You have to find the right pieces to fit into the right spaces. Scheduling work crews, phasing your project, finding reliable and trustworthy crew members are all real challenges in this line of work. By making realistic and achievable goals, you can stay ahead of the game. Plan your projects with a little wiggle room for those inevitable delays. Rehire tried and true subcontractors. Don’t overschedule what you can realistically manage. Always check the availability of materials beforehand. The tips are simple, but not necessarily easy. A little planning on the front end means that you are more efficient and your clients are happier. 


Communication is key when it comes to managing project schedules and crews. It can be a hassle to keep up with emails and phone calls, but it’s necessary to keep in touch with all the moving parts of your building projects. You should make your expectations clear for any subcontractors or crew members you work with. But you should also be available and open to communication from them. Communication goes both ways, and it’s vital that you know what your crew members are experiencing and what they need. Be sure to check in on projects periodically to make sure that deadlines are still realistic. Also ensure that issues with construction or material needs are being addressed. In short, communication could be the most important part of managing your project schedule and crew.


Documentation of the process is critical to successful management. Because there are so many moving parts to any construction project, documentation creates clarity in the process. You can easily see how a project is coming along by reading through documented milestones, issues, and achievements. Documentation also holds each member of the project accountable. As the general contractor, you need to be able to see how each dollar was spent and show the same to your client. Documentation can be a headache, but it can also save you one in the future. 


One simple solution for better project management overall is the use of construction management software. This article lists 7 choices for software that allows you to manage each facet of your business from one platform. Most of these software options allow you to communicate with each crew member in real time to accurately and efficiently manage your projects. Software can make your job easier by streamlining communication, scheduling, and documentation all in one place. One piece of software, JobProgress, even assists you with customer relations. And we all know how important customer relations are. 

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Ways to Manage Project Schedules and Crews

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