4 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Spring

Outdoor kitchen with table and chair arrangement in Spring

Spring is the perfect time to start on all those home improvement projects that have been on the back burner. The summer heat hasn’t hit yet, but it’s now warm enough to go outside and get to work. If you are trying to decide what needs to be done this year, let us help you. Here are four home improvement projects to tackle this spring.

Reroof the House

How long has it been since you re-shingled or did anything with your roof? Odds are probably too long. On average, roofs need to be replaced every 15-20 years. Whether you have been in the house for a long time or you just moved in, it’s more than likely that the roof needs a touch-up. Depending on your contractor and the size of your home, tearing off and adding new shingles to your roof can take as little as 1-3 days. If the weather is nice, most people can have all of their shingles taken off and replaced in the same week. With HFS Financial, it’s so easy to get the funding you need for the perfect roof

Build or Finish the Deck

Decks provide the perfect space for grilling and family dinners. But they don’t work as well if they are broken down or beat up. Even worse is if they don’t exist at all! Our guess is that you have been staring at that deck for way too long wanting to have it redone. Or maybe you’ve been staring at that empty space off the back of your house wishing you had a deck. There is no time better than the present to get started on it!

Depending on the state of your deck, it may require you to look at financing options. If you need to redo the entire thing, then costs can start to pile up. Luckily, we offer great financing options for your deck and any other project you have in mind. Visit our loans page to find out more.

Put in a Pool

Escape the heat this summer with your very own refreshing swimming pool. Spring is the perfect time for installation. You can do all of the work while it’s still cool outside and then reap the benefits when the temperatures get hotter. Whether you are looking to have an above-ground pool put in or you want to have a full inground pool installed, this year is the perfect time.

Add an Outdoor Dining Area

If you have been looking for the perfect project that will bring your family together this spring and summer, consider adding an outdoor dining space. Finish off this space with a nice table and comfy chairs where your family can relax and enjoy meals together. And for the most enjoyment, install an outdoor kitchen that can be used in all different seasons! You won’t ever get tired of your brand-new outdoor cooking and gathering space. 

Adding these types of spaces is actually easier than most people think — especially when you have HFS Financial on your side. Consider doing something that will bring you and your family together for years to come!

Let Us Help You

Don’t ever think that your home improvement dreams are out of reach. HFS Financial has you covered. We help people get the loans and financing they need so that they can take care of those projects they have been putting off. And our financing process is easier than ever. Take 60 seconds to complete our online inquiry, and receive an answer from one of our trusted customer care consultants in the next few days. Enjoy getting started on those spring projects without the hassle of worrying about the finances. “You Dream It, We Finance It.” Let’s get your home renovated for spring!

4 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Spring

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