What are the Benefits of an Above Ground Pool?

Do you want to install a new pool in the backyard, but don’t want to make a huge investment in an in-ground pool? If so, an above ground pool is perfect for you. Above ground pools are becoming more and more popular as homeowners increasingly see the benefits this style of pool can have over a traditional in-ground pool.

So what makes above ground pools so great? Keep on reading to find out!

A happy family in their new pool!

What are the Benefits of an Above Ground Pool?

They’re more affordable.

In-ground pools are a big investment. But above ground pools start in the 4 digit price range. You can get an above ground pool for half what you would pay for an in-ground pool, and in many cases even less. If budget is your primary consideration, then an above ground pool is what you want.

They can be installed fast.

In-ground pools can take months to build. Above ground pools? Days. These pools can be put in in just a few days. This is great for you because it means there’s only a short disturbance to your everyday routine. Plus, you don’t have to dig up your yard in order to install the pool.

They’re great for small yards.

If you have a smaller yard, it might not be able to accommodate an in-ground pool. But an above ground pool? No problem! These pools come in sizes large and small, which means if you’ve been dreaming of a pool in your small yard, you can finally have one.

You can remove them.

Why would you want to remove your pool? Well, lots of people actually remove their above ground pool when it comes time to sell. In-ground pools, on the other hand, are permanent.

They’re easier and more affordable to maintain.

A smaller pool means easier and more affordable maintenance. You’ll spend less money on pool chemicals, and less time taking care of the water. Plus, they’re easier to open in the spring and close in the winter. Perfect for a family who wants a pool and wants to spend their time enjoying it, not maintaining it!

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What are the Benefits of an Above Ground Pool?

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