What Kind of Pool Coping Material Should I Use?

One of the most common reasons people remodel their pools is to replace an old, worn out pool deck and the accompanying pool coping. So what material should you use for your new coping? There are a number of materials available, all with their own pros and cons. Learn more about pool coping materials and what to choose, in our blog.

A beautiful pool deck with distinct pool coping.


What Kind of Pool Coping Material Should I Use?


Concrete is the classic pool coping material. Poured concrete gives you a seamless transition between the pool deck and the coping, which is ideal if you want a cleaner line and no break in the finish around the pool. This makes the pool look bigger, which is ideal for small pool areas.

Precast concrete is less expensive than poured concrete and is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The transition between the deck and coping won’t be seamless, but many pool owners appreciate the lower cost of precast concrete.

As with concrete in any setting, there is the risk of cracking due to thermal expansion and contraction. This risk is higher in areas that experience extremes in cold weather.


Concrete pavers are another popular pool coping material. Perhaps the biggest benefit of pavers is that they’re much less likely to crack than a solid sheet of concrete coping is. And even if one does, you can just replace it individually. Pavers are a little more expensive than poured and precast concrete, but many pool owners find that they’re worth the investment.

Natural Stone

For those who want a high-end look, natural stone pool coping fits the bill. Natural stone includes everything from fieldstone to limestone to granite. Travertine is especially popular for use as pool coping, because it’s cooler to the touch than many other stones and has excellent slip-resistance. Natural stone has a price tag to match it’s high-end aesthetic, but its looks are certainly a cut above the rest.


If you have a brick aesthetic in your home or outdoor living setup, then brick makes for a perfect complement as a pool coping material.

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What Kind of Pool Coping Material Should I Use?

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