What Documents Should I Expect to Get from My Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

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Do you have a kitchen remodeling project finally on the horizon? If so, you’re busy getting all of the details finalized for the transformation to begin. Maybe you’ve never done a large remodel before. As you look through your final list of possible remodeling contractors before hiring, another thought comes to mind. What documents should I expect to get from my kitchen remodeling contractor

HFS Financial has nearly six decades of experience in the home improvement loan industry. We partner with contractors all across America to provide customer financing for contractors. We can help you answer this important question. Then you will know what paperwork to be on the lookout for when you choose the best remodeling contractor for your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Document #1 – Contract 

As you can imagine, there are many documents that are not optional for contractors to provide for a home improvement project. The contract agreement is possibly the most important item you should expect. A contract is the basis of all the other information that you will receive. This is because it is the primary document that shows everything you are agreeing to by hiring the contractor. 

Kitchen Remodeling Document #2 – Scope of Work

Next, be on the lookout for the Scope of Work paperwork. This document will give you all of the details about what the kitchen transformation work will include. This paper allows you to see who will be accomplishing each phase of the construction as well as the materials and methods that will be used. This is the informative paper that will also describe what will happen if changes occur throughout the construction process.

Kitchen Remodeling Document #3 – Construction Schedule

When you’re looking through your stack of papers from your kitchen remodeling contractor, you should also find a construction schedule in the mix. This document is an approximate timeline of the project, from start to finish. 

A kitchen upgrade comes in phases. The construction schedule gives specifics about each portion of the remodeling. Small details, like permits that will be needed for each part of the work to begin, are on this document. All schedules are tentative at best, but having a plan in place is what is important.

Kitchen Remodeling Document #4 – License, Insurance and Bond Information

Another item that is pertinent to peruse is the paperwork that gives the license, insurance and bond information from your contractor. You want to know the specifics about the licensure and coverage that the company has in case any issues arise throughout the construction process.

Kitchen Remodeling Document #5 – Cost Estimate

So, what documents should I expect to get from my kitchen remodeling contractor? Another important piece of information is the estimated amount that you will be investing in the amazing kitchen you’ve envisioned. Contractors should provide an estimate of hard costs, such as labor and materials, that are already predetermined. And you need to take into account soft cost items, such as fees, permits, or taxes that will come up at some point in the construction process. 

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What Documents Should I Expect to Get from My Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

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