What Every Gutter and Siding Business Needs in a Website

Two individuals work on a laptop to create an effective website for a gutter and siding business.

Your gutter and siding business needs a killer website. But that website also needs to be functional. What exactly should you include? What’s too much? What’s going to bring in more business? And what might just be plain distracting?

You want to keep your website visitors focused on the task at hand and how awesome your gutter and siding business is. So, what’s most important for a gutter and siding business website? Let’s discuss.

Gutter and Siding Business Rundown

To begin with, you’ll want to be very clear on your website about what exactly your gutter and siding business offers. Do you only offer gutter and siding installation services? What about repairs? What about other home improvement services that would be related to gutters and siding? 

Ultimately, you want your clients to be able to find the information to the questions they may have. So, we would recommend having an informational page that tells them exactly what you do, how long you’ve been doing it, and what they can expect when they hire you. 

Your website is the best informational source out there for your gutter and siding business, so you want your information to be clear, concise, and pertinent to the work you offer. 

This might also be a great place on your website to include information about you and any subcontractors you may hire. What are your qualifications and certifications? Are you licensed, bonded and insured? Do you have any special training that might set you apart from the competition? Your website is the best place to advertise your skills, so make sure you do just that. Give your potential clients all the reasons to hire you as their gutter or siding contractor.

Media that Showcases your Gutter and Siding Work

Your website is also an excellent place to advertise your actual work and to use different types of media to do so. As a gutter and siding contractor, your work is not only functional in nature, it’s also aesthetic. It’s not unreasonable for you to showcase your work. In fact, it could be what sways people to choose you after they see the amazing before and after pictures of other clients who have used you in the past.

It’s also worth mentioning that a large percentage of the population operates visually. They need to see something in order to understand what they can expect. Luckily for you, we live in the age of technology where there are so many different types of media readily available to you.

Make time to always take before and after photos of your work, even if they’re just on your phone, so that you have those visual examples to post on your website. It’s even better if you can splurge for some professional photographs every once in a while on particularly impressive jobs. 

Also, consider taking some short videos of the deconstruction and installation process. If people have a better understanding of what they can expect for their own home, they’ll have less anxiety about hiring you to install siding and gutters. 

Clear Contact Page

You should be quite certain that your contact information is clear on your website. You should have one web page that is solely dedicated to your contact information, but it would be a good idea to put it somewhere on every page. 

If your clients don’t have to search for a way to contact you, then they’re more likely to reach out. Make it easy for them, so there aren’t any excuses for not emailing or calling you right away.

Gutter Financing and Siding Financing Options

And the final thing you should include on your gutter and siding business website is the best contractor financing for your clients. You will have clients who are in need of financing options. The question then becomes where they will get that financing.

If they already need gutter or siding financing and you offer it, then they might as well hire you versus a contractor who doesn’t offer financing. 

Luckily, HFS Financial makes it super easy to offer contractor financing on your website. And it comes at no cost to your or your company. All you need to do is fill out our quick and easy contractor application. Then our team will get in touch with you so you can install our HFS widget directly on your fantastic website. And just like that, you’re offering contractor financing! You take care of amazing gutter and siding projects. We’ll take care of all the funding your clients need to get the job done right. It’s that simple. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

What Every Gutter and Siding Business Needs in a Website

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