What Every Sunroom Builder Needs in a Website

A man wearing a black shirt lounges in his beautiful sunroom with natural wood beams while building a website on his laptop for his job as a sunroom builder.

Every sunroom builder needs a well-designed website. This sounds great in theory, but what does that actually mean? What information is worth including on your website as a sunroom contractor? Is there anything you shouldn’t include? Let’s take a look at just what every sunroom builder actually needs in a website.

Qualifications as a Sunroom Builder

At least one web page of your website should give your potential clients some information about why you’d be a good choice as their sunroom builder. What qualifications or certifications do you hold? What experience have you earned over the years?

Think of your website as the perfect place to answer the questions you’ve heard most from potential clients. And use this page of your website as grounds to promote yourself and all of your accomplishments. 

This page could be geared as a “meet our contractor” kind of page. Or you could simply explain how you’ve set up your business. However you execute the idea, make sure that you’re explaining why you’re such an awesome sunroom contractor

Evidence of Your Skills on Your Sunroom Builder Website

Another super-important aspect of building a great and effective website is showing off your skills. Renovation and home improvement projects are largely dependent on final product outcome, as you well know. Your final product (an amazing new sunroom) is what you’re selling. So, you need to prove that you build the best sunrooms around. 

We would suggest keeping a pretty extensive photo portfolio of the work you’ve done. You never know when one project you’ve completed is going to influence a potential client to choose you over another contractor, which is why we advise posting photos of a lot (if not all) of your work. 

The quality of your photos matter, too. You yourself could invest a little time in taking photos of the whole process start to finish. Most everyone loves a good before and after picture. Or you could even hire a professional to really showcase some of your more complicated builds. 

Either way, make sure you prioritize a visual representation of your work. And your website is the perfect place to do just that. Potential clients will use your website to decide if they want you to build their sunroom. Give them a taste of what they can expect for their own home. 

Clear Contact Opportunities

One aspect of website building that tends to go under the radar is the contact information. It’s common for a lot of website builders to include a whole web page dedicated to the sunroom contractor’s contact information. And that’s great. But don’t miss the other opportunities to display ways to contact you.

You will miss every potential client who cannot find your contact information no matter how much they like your qualifications and your work. It’s important to have the dedicated contact page, but you should also consider keeping your contact information at the bottom of all of your web pages on your website. 

You can also have your contact information pop up on certain web pages to encourage potential clients to reach out. Be cautious, though, because some people can be easily annoyed and deterred by too much pushing. Keep your contact information clearly available, but don’t overdo it either.

Sunroom Financing Options

And finally, your website is the perfect place to give your clients and potential clients the options they need to fully fund their sunroom project. Sunroom financing through a sunroom contractor is an excellent way to encourage potential clients who need funding to hire you over another contractor who doesn’t offer contractor financing. You can simplify the whole process for those clients who need financing. 

And for the best contractor financing available, you can partner with HFS Financial to make sure your client gets their funding quickly. They’ll be like cash buyers for you, so you can do what you do best — build an incredible sunroom. Contact our team today to offer the best contractor financing around. 

What Every Sunroom Builder Needs in a Website

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