The Sunroom Builder’s Guide to Dominating the Competition in Your Market

A beautiful brick sunroom with patio furniture and gentle natural lighting gives the perfect example for the sunroom builder's guide to dominating the competition.

We know your ultimate goal as a sunroom contractor is to dominate the competition in your market. So, we’ve come up with the sunroom builder’s guide to do just that. And it might not be as hard as you imagine. 

Sure, it’ll take hard work and dedication. But some pretty simple tips and tricks can and will give you the edge you need over the competition. Dive into the sunroom builder’s guide to dominating the competition in your market with us, and you’ll be making strides to reach your goals in no time. 

Manage and Market Your Online Presence

A sunroom builder uses his laptop computer on a workbench in a white, open room to manage his business.
Manage your online presence for your sunroom building business.

One of the fastest and most important suggestions in our sunroom builder’s guide is to manage and market your online presence well. That means you need to look at all the different facets of your sunroom business’ online presence. And there are a lot. 

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, though. It can be tempting to just want to forget your online presence at all, but that’s not the way to end up dominating anything, much less the competition in your market. 

A good place to start is with your social media presence. Social media platforms are largely free, and most people are already extremely active on their own accounts. That means that creating an active and engaging social media account for your sunroom building business is basically free marketing. There are all kinds of tips and tricks for using social media to your advantage as a business owner, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by. 

You also want to be mindful of your sunroom building business’ online review record. When they’re looking to hire a sunroom contractor, most people are going to take to the internet to find all the online reviews they can for your business. Learn how to make those reviews work to your advantage and how to mitigate the negative reviews. Remember, this is the sunroom builder’s guide to dominating, so make those reviews work for your business.

And lastly for your online presence, make sure that your sunroom business’ website is excellent. It needs to be functional, beautiful, and informational. That way, people not only see why they want to hire you as their sunroom contractor, but they can also see how to hire you. It’s harder to dominate the competition if people hate your website. 

Think Smarter About Your Business Practices

A team of sunroom builders guide each other to better business practices as they discuss business over building plans. Each person is holding a pen, and a hard hat sits atop the table.
Prioritize better practices from our sunroom builder’s guide.

For our next step in the sunroom builder’s guide to dominating the competition, you’ll want to think smarter about your business practices. Businesses that dominate the competition have found some way to set themselves apart, which means they don’t do things just like every other business around them. It’s good to try different business strategies to see what works best for your sunroom business. 

Consider hiring practices. We know it can be difficult to hire well within the world of construction, but it might just be the business strategy that can pay off for you in the long run. Consider smarter hiring practices. By prioritizing the hiring process, you can build the team you want that can lead you to the domination you need. 

Another often-discussed business practice that isn’t always executed well is keeping costs low. Consider some less conventional places to cut costs or strategies that can help keep costs low. That doesn’t mean you sacrifice quality or customer service, but you do operate within your means and recognize the best places to keep your costs low and your profits workable. 

Prioritize Professionalism 

A sunroom contractor and a man wearing a white button-down shirt shake hands to seal a deal.
Professionalism matters to the success of your sunroom building business.

Speaking of customer service, our next point in this sunroom builder’s guide is to prioritize professionalism. One of the most important contributors to customer satisfaction is professionalism. The mere practice of professionalism can keep you focused in the face of tough customer situations or less-than-desirable circumstances. It’s the autopilot that might just fly you straight to dominating the competition.

One of the trickier times to maintain professionalism is during email communications. It can be tempting to just respond quickly or without thought to your customer’s emails, but taking the extra time to be a little more thoughtful and professional can help you excel at your work. Professional email interactions can also ensure that your communications are clearer. The higher the clarity, the fewer misunderstandings, which means happier customers. And happier customers lead to dominating the competition in your market. 

This conveniently leads us to the importance of professional customer service. In the same way that professionalism can be a helpful default, so is customer service. You want to make sure that the overall experience of working with you is just as good as your finished product because people will remember their experience and tell others. Professional customer service makes sure the stories people tell are good and positive. 

The Sunroom Builder’s Guide to Offering Sunroom Financing 

A sunroom builder wearing a sports jacket and a hard hat holds a piggy bank in one hand and a clipboard in his other. He stands in a green sunroom.
Offer sunroom contractor financing with the best in the business.

And finally in our sunroom builder’s guide to dominating the competition is a bonus guide to offering sunroom financing, which will absolutely help you dominate. Offering contractor financing can help your sunroom building business reach the next level in so many ways. 

One of those specific ways is that you can actually win more customers just by offering contractor financing. You will open your business to more and more people, and you can be a better sunroom contractor as a result. Better sunroom contractors move on to dominating the competition within their market. 

And just in case you’re concerned that offering sunroom financing through HFS Financial is difficult, rest assured that that is the easiest step on your path to dominating the market. Simply complete the contractor application form on our website, and our contractor team from HFS Financial will reach out to you. Upon approval, you can have the HFS widget installed directly on your website. And that’s it! You’ll officially be offering sunroom financing to all of your clients, and you’ll be one step closer to dominating the market. 

So go ahead and get started today. Bring in more customers and increase cash flow. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


The Sunroom Builder’s Guide to Dominating the Competition in Your Market

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