What Size Should My Above Ground Pool Be?

Wondering what size you should choose for your above ground pool? It depends a lot on the size of your yard, as well as any permanent features you have in your yard, and any features you plan to install along with the pool. A professional pool design company can help you nail down the specifics, but you can get a pretty good idea of what size your above ground pool should be on your own. Learn how to do it in this week’s blog.

How can I determine the right size for my above ground pool?

How to Size Your Above Ground Pool

Here are a 4 simple steps you can take to get a good idea of the right size for your above ground pool.

  1. Measure. For the sake of this blog, we’ll assume you’re going to put the pool in the backyard, so measure the dimensions of the backyard, include the width and the depth from the house to the farthest edge of the yard. Also measure the size of any permanent features of your yard, such as a shed or separate garage.
  2. Now, draw your measurements on a piece of paper to scale. ½ inch per foot should work for most yards, but you may need to adjust the scale to fit your yard. Draw a grid across your yard with ½ inch measurements to make the scale easier to visualize.
  3. Now, cut up a different piece of paper into different sized “pools” represented by the cut-out pieces of paper. Move these around the sketch of your yard to see how different size pools affect the layout of your yard, and where a pool would best fit.
  4. While you do this, remember that you may want additional landscaping or hardscaping features along with the pool such as a deck or patio. So keep in mind that these will take up space adjacent to the pool. The filtration system will also take up some space, and should be installed no more than 18 feet away from the pool. It should also be close to a power outlet. Ideally, the pump will be as close as possible to a power outlet, because this will make it easier to install.

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What Size Should My Above Ground Pool Be?

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