Radiant Pools: Energy Efficient Above Ground Pools

Are you thinking about getting an above ground pool for your backyard this summer? The great thing about above ground pools is that they can be installed very quickly, which means you can have your new place in time for summer this year!

When it comes to choosing an above ground pool, you have a few things to consider. For example, what size should your above ground pool be?

Another thing you want to consider is what kind of above ground pool you want to get. You might think all above ground pools are the same, but actually, they can vary greatly. To get the most value for your money, consider an energy efficient pool from Radiant Pools! Learn more about these unique above ground pools in our blog.

To get the most value for your money, consider an energy efficient pool from Radiant Pools! Learn more in our blog.

Above Ground Pools from Radiant Pools

Superior Structural Integrity

Radiant Pools use a 2-inch thick wall panel constructed of an expanded polystyrene foam insulation cord bonded between sheets of durable acrylic coated aluminum. “The patented bonding process that joins the three layers creates a rigid wall that is far stronger and more durable than any other pool wall.”

The pool’s construction is actually engineered from technology that was developed for the NASA space program! In addition, because all components are made of aluminum, Radiant Pools guarantees they will never rust, warp or crack.

R-10 Insulation for Natural Heat

Above ground pools from Radiant Pools also use R-10 insulation in their walls, a feature that is unique to Radiant. This allows the pool to retain heat from the sun, while other pools would lose this heat overnight. That’s up to 10 degrees of heat saved! The end result? A warmer pool, and the ability to extend your pool season by up to 2 months!

Energy Efficiency = Savings

Another great thing about these insulated pools is that they save you money. How? Since you won’t have to use your heater as much to heat the pool, you’ll save on pool heating costs. Radiant Pools estimates that “This will save you up to 30% on your annual swimming pool heating costs.”

Lifetime Warranty

Radiant Pools offers an exceptional warranty on all of their above ground pools. The warranty is 100% lifetime, fully transferable, and non-prorated against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your pool, and beyond! If you transfer ownership of the pool to someone else when you sell your home, the new owner gets the full benefits of the lifetime warranty!

Visit the Radiant Pools website to learn more about their above ground pools!

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Radiant Pools: Energy Efficient Above Ground Pools

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