3 Common Spa Issues With DIY Solutions

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 We put so much into our spas that it can be especially frustrating when they break or work incorrectly.
We put so much into our spas that it can be especially frustrating when they break or work incorrectly.

The last thing you want to see on your spa’s display is an error code.  We put so much into our spas that it can be especially frustrating when they break or work incorrectly.  It can be especially disheartening to approach your tub with the promise of a relaxing evening, only to find the spa is unusable.  If you want to fix these problems yourself and you don’t have the energy to call a professional, read on to figure out how to solve them.

Problem #1: The display reads, “OH”.


“OH” signifies that the spa is overheated.  This could be due to a number of factors, and the most common issue is that your heater is malfunctioning.  You should never use your spa if the water is above 108 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, if you use a thermometer and the water is the correct temperature, your high limit sensor is malfunctioning.  You can buy both of these parts and replace them yourself using your spa’s manual as instructions.


Problem #2: The water is cloudy and dirty.


This is easy; you aren’t cleaning your spa correctly.  It takes more to clean that to just replace the chemicals and scrub away at the sides.  Your spa needs to be removed of oils and solids that will be skimming the surface, and you must break down alkalis.  All you need to know should be in your spa manual, but essentially, there’s the potential that you’ve simply been adding inadequate chemicals, or have misunderstood how to use one.  Go back and check before you reach for the phone to call a professional.


Problem #3: The pump is making loud noises.


Your pump is seeing its last days.  This happens naturally over time, or can happen if your tub has arrived with faulty parts.  Purchasing a new pump and installing it yourself can be far more cost effective than having it professionally replaced.  Yes, the pump is going to be up there in price, but eventually, yours will do more than just make an unpleasant noise, and will stop working altogether.  Be sure to read your manual to find out what kind of replacement pump you’re going to need.


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3 Common Spa Issues With DIY Solutions

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