3 “Extras” Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Contractors Can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

how kitchen & bath remodeling contractors can thrill even the toughest customers

Creating stunning kitchens and bathrooms for homeowners is a wonderful way to spend your time. Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect bathroom or kitchen should include. And personalities are probably just as diverse as the opinions about remodels that you encounter on a regular basis. HFS Financial is here to offer 3 “extras” kitchen & bath remodeling contractors can provide to thrill even the toughest customers. 

Extra Effort to Empathize 

First, tough customers might need you to empathize with them often throughout their home reconstruction. Perhaps the homeowner who hired you has had a negative experience with a home remodeling contractor in the past. This type of customer can benefit from extra effort on your part to empathize with their emotions. 

There will undoubtedly be things that come up that a skeptical customer like this will not like or will not agree with. Take the time to listen to their complaints and concerns. And then work together to find a way to resolve the issues and to build their trust in you and your company. 

Commitment to Frequently Communicate 

Next, a difficult customer never likes to be the one who has to pry information from their kitchen and bath remodeling contractor. When you first recognize that a customer is more demanding than others, make a commitment to frequently communicate with them. If the tile for the floors gets delayed in transit, make a quick phone call to let the homeowner know. Or if a project gets pushed back a week, communicate the change to everyone immediately.

Contact the client often. You don’t have to wait until negative things come up to get in touch with the customer. Let them know when things are going great or are ahead of schedule as well. Regular communication is an easy “extra” and is sure to brighten the mood of customers who are hard to please.

Dedication to Delivering Excellence

Finally, on the list of 3 “extras” kitchen & bath remodeling contractors can provide to thrill even the toughest customers is this: a dedication to delivering excellence. Bath and kitchen remodeling contractors alike want their businesses to grow and to excel in the process. Customers who require extra effort are sure to be won over if you are doing all that you can to see that their customer service experience is unforgettable.

First Priority

Each customer should feel that their bathroom or kitchen upgrade is your first priority. Easy customers and irritable customers equally deserve your best efforts to create breathtaking rooms that they will love. By providing exceptional customer service for each and every customer, you are also strengthening one of your greatest forms of advertising — word of mouth.

Financing Options

One more way to show your customers that you have their best interest in mind is to give them fantastic financing options. Partner with HFS Financial to provide the best contractor financing for customers. Apply today for a strategic partnership that comes at no cost to you. This thrilling advantage can set you apart from your competition and help make even the toughest customer happy. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!” 

3 “Extras” Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Contractors Can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

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