3 Reasons Pool Builders Should Offer Pool Loan Financing in 2022

an excavator digs for a pool build

Offering pool loan financing to your clients is a really great way to bring in new clientele and more cashflow for your contracting business. Take time to consider all the benefits to offering contractor financing for pools. You’ll discover that it’s more than worth it to offer pool loan financing in 2022. Let’s take a look a 3 reasons pool builders should offer pool loan financing in 2022.

Pool Loan Financing Brings in New Clientele

Our first reason you should offer pool loan financing in 2022 is because it brings in new clientele. When clients are doing research to learn more about building pools, they’ll be looking for information on every aspect of pool building, including pool loan financing. You can make sure that you business and name come up when they search for someone who offers pool loan financing.

If you’re not currently offering contractor financing options, you’re missing out on a whole demographic of customer who wouldn’t even consider your services because they aren’t cash buyers. If you offer pool loan financing options, they can get their financing and their pool build in one place. Think of how that will automatically set you apart from the competition. You can become the one-stop shop for those clients who can benefit from contractor financing.

Pool Loan Financing Increases Cashflow

Pool loan financing increases cashflow because your clients can use contractor financing to take on bigger projects. If you offer the best contractor financing for your customers through HFS Financial, then your clients can often afford to buy more. Financing has the benefits of stretching payments over long periods of time, so that your clients can build bigger projects or higher-end pools. A larger, more luxurious pool build means more money in your pocket. Increased cashflow means your business can grow. And a growing business is a successful business. You should offer pool loan financing in 2022 because it has the potential to really grow your business.

Pool Loan Financing Makes Sense

Offering pool loan financing as a pool builder makes sense for your business because it’s not limited to only pool builds. Offering contractor financing by partnering with HFS Financial means that you can offer loan options for pool builds and any other home improvement project your clients can think of. Do you already build pools? Great! Offer contractor financing, and you can expand your services to include all kinds of home improvement projects. If you don’t currently build pools, you can still offer contractor financing for any other project and consider branching out into the pool building side of contracting. Contractor financing is like a really good multi-tool. It’s great to have when you need it. And it works for almost everything.

So, if you’re looking to grow your business, increase cashflow, and make good business decisions in 2022, we recommend offering pool loan financing to all your clients. The process is wonderfully simple. All you need to do is contact our expert team at HFS Financial who have years of experience in the home improvement financing business. They will help you quality and get your website set up with our handy widget, so your clients can complete the 60-second loan application with the click of a button. At HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” We are here to make your life easier!

3 Reasons Pool Builders Should Offer Pool Loan Financing in 2022

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