4 “Extras” Deck and Patio Businesses Can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

4 extras deck and patio businesses can provide

We know it’s hard to thrill those toughest customers. But these four extras deck and patio businesses can provide are a huge help. Excellent customer service is possibly one of the most sought-after elements of any business transaction. As a deck and patio contractor, you know very well that not all customers are created equal. Some people are just a little more difficult to please than others. Here are 4 extras deck and patio businesses can provide to thrill even the toughest customers.

HFS Financial speaks from experience when we say that this task is equally important and exhausting. Our company has been assisting customers and contractors with their contractor financing for over five decades. And with premier deck financing and patio financing, it’s easier than ever to have a happy customer. Here are a few easy “extras” to consider offering these customers who need a little extra convincing.

Deck and Patio Businesses Can Provide Communication that Comforts Can Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

First, you are sure to encounter people who need more reassurance than others. Having constant communication with these customers helps to comfort their feelings of unease. Go out of your way to stay in touch with these customers as often as possible. Talk through any and all possible scenarios that might be on the horizon — especially a delay on their long-awaited deck or patio. 

Maybe assign one of your employees to be the contact person for these homeowners who seem to be more eager for information. Have them reach out regularly, whether things are going great or not. This will go a long way in helping the customers know that their feelings are important. You want them to feel like they are in total control of their home improvement project.

Deck and Patio Contractors Can Offer Service that Speaks for Itself

Next, offer excellent customer service that speaks for itself. To do this, you must treat all customers equally — whether they are easy to help or a little more difficult to deal with. Consistent and honest service is something that any customer can appreciate. Make sure that your team is all on the same page with these goals for your business as well. And you will see your business grow by building a reputation of being friendly and fair in all of your operations.

Thrill Even the Toughest Customers with Work That is Worth Waiting For

Another of 4 “extras” deck and patio businesses can provide to thrill even the toughest customers is work that is worth waiting for. You get to do what you love on a regular basis — create stunning decks and patios to be enjoyed for years to come. So always do your best work, no matter how difficult a customer might make your job some days. Your efforts will pay off. Your beautiful work will be easily recognized and sought after. And your most difficult customers may even become loyal, repeat customers. 

Financing that Frees You for Customer Crises 

What’s the final way to thrill even the toughest customers? Partnering with HFS Financial for premier contractor financing. Our experienced staff will handle all of the deck financing and patio financing work for you. Then you will be available to handle any customer crises that come up as you build gorgeous patios and decks. We have loan consultants available at 1-800-254-9560. Homeowners can also apply for any home improvement loan in just 60 seconds. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

4 “Extras” Deck and Patio Businesses Can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

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