The Deck and Patio Builder’s Guide to Professional Customer Service

professional customer service

Professional customer service means putting an emphasis on service. For a deck and patio builder, this means that your work must be of the highest quality. However, if you can’t develop a personable relationship with your potential customers, you are far less likely to get the jobs you bid on, retain those customers, or be recommended to others. From first contact to the follow-up after the job, communication is key. If you team up with HFS Financial for contractor financing, communication throughout the financing process will be a breeze.

Professional Customer Service Means Good First Impressions

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Like many old sayings, it remains timeless because it is true. For modern deck and patio builders, first impressions don’t even happen in person. Your potential customer’s first impression of your business will likely be from the internet. Part of providing professional customer service has become having a website where information about your services and how to contact you are easy to access. Communication is, after all, impossible without accessibility. Easy access to deck financing is something we can help you and your customer with, by the way.

Professional Customer Service is Polite

When deck and patio builders interact directly with the customer, it is vital that they are polite. It shouldn’t be too hard to conjure a smile and a friendly dialogue for someone who is willing to give you their hard-earned money. Service is genuinely about people helping each other. They are serving you by trusting you with their money just as much as you are serving them by building a quality deck or patio in exchange. When problems do arise, your customer is far more likely to trust you to navigate the issues if you have up to that point earned their trust through friendly dialogue and open communication.

Professional Customer Service Means Following Through

Being polite has set your customer at ease, but the most important step is to make sure your work meets the customer’s expectations. Sometimes accidents happen on the job, an employee has a bad day, or a material you acquired wasn’t up to snuff. If your customer has a complaint, actively listen, and find a way to make it right. Cultivating a mindful approach to problems is the best general way to solve them, no matter what business you are about.

Professional Customer Service Extends to Contractor Financing

Helping your customers find financing for their home improvement projects isn’t just about getting paid. It can also be a relief for everyone involved. In this way, HFS Financial can help you help your customer. It’s easy to apply, and if you offer your customer a road to patio financing, it may be a better option than what they were already considering. Partner with us today to offer the best contractor financing to your customers. You can also call us at 1-800-254-9560 or contact us online with any questions. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

The Deck and Patio Builder’s Guide to Professional Customer Service

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