4 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Beautiful kitchen with white marble countertops

Are you in the planning stages of getting that new dream kitchen you’ve always wanted? This is the best time to talk about these 4 mistakes to avoid when remodeling your kitchen. You can change the plans before the work begins! HFS Financial has been in the home improvement loan industry for almost 60 years. We have seen countless homeowners go through the process of seeing their dream kitchen become a reality. Let us help you avoid planning mistakes that you will later regret.

Skimping on Necessary Storage Space

The first tip is this: don’t skimp on necessary storage space. A kitchen cannot have too much space designated for storing things. There are all kinds of gadgets, tools, and necessities that need a place of their own in a well-functioning kitchen. From the pantry to your cabinets, you want to consider the space you are planning to have available for necessary storage. 

Talk to your contractor about recommendations for storage areas that you might not even be considering. Friends and family are also a great source of help when it comes to things they love or hate about the storage areas in their kitchen. 

Choosing Countertops that are Not Conducive to a Kitchen

Next, you want to do thorough research when it comes to the countertops you choose to install. So many homeowners end up choosing countertops that are not conducive to a kitchen, and the regret they feel is almost instant. Look into pros and cons of any type of countertop you are considering. Don’t let a little extra cost keep you from installing what you know you want. With loan options from HFS Financial, you can get the ideal countertops that are beautiful, durable and lasting.

Not Designing for Your Space

Every kitchen is different. Some homes have long, small, galley style kitchens, while others have sprawling open-floorplan spaces that join into the living room. Whatever space your home has, your design should be specific to your home’s footprint. Trying to stuff too much into a small space is going to leave you feeling cramped when you are in the kitchen. Alternately, not having enough cabinets and design elements to anchor your kitchen in a large space will make it feel lacking and unfinished. Talk to your contractor so that you can avoid mistakes in design for your space. You can also consult an interior designer who may have an excellent eye for designing spaces just like yours.

Insufficient Funding

And don’t forget one last tip: Avoiding insufficient funding that can’t get you all the way through the project. Be sure to plan as precisely as possible so that you know the amount you will need for your home improvement financing. HFS Financial is ready to help you locate the funding your dream kitchen will need. In fact, our terms and rates are so fantastic, you may even want to increase the scope of your kitchen renovation project.

These are just 4 mistakes to avoid when remodeling your kitchen. Contact one of our loan consultants at 1-800-254-9560, or take 60 seconds to apply for your home improvement loan. Our experienced staff is waiting to help you. “You Dream It, We Finance It!” 


4 Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Your Kitchen

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