How to Resolve Conflict With Upset Customers

resolving conflict with customers

Contractors work with all kinds of people as they are hired to do various types of home improvement projects. Inevitably you will work with customers who may be a little more irritable or hard to please. Since this is a part of your job you expect to encounter, you also want to know how to resolve conflict with upset customers. You want to be able to resolve whatever issue has caused them to be upset in a way that will reflect well on your company’s reputation

HFS Financial has almost 60 years experience of working with people with a variety of personalities as homeowners apply for funding to see their dreams come to life. Conflict is never anticipated, but it must always be addressed. Here are a few tips for how to help overcome these conflict obstacles when they come your way.

Empathize Easily

First, you want the customer to know that their feelings are important to you. When they get frustrated or upset, you need to empathize with them. Let them vent their frustrations to you without losing your cool. Allowing them to voice their concerns goes a long way in helping them to feel like you have their best interest at heart. 

Perpetuate Professionalism

Next, you want to always perpetuate professionalism in your dealings with customers. You want your company to be known for excellent customer service, even in the midst of conflicts that arise. Don’t let your personal feelings enter the equation. A work-related conflict must be resolved as quickly as possible with the best method possible. 

If you know that your own fuse might be short on any occasion, have a trusted employee join you for the necessary conversation. A calm, trusted ally is always a great asset in this situation.

Prepare Protocols

Another important thing to remember is to prepare protocols so that all of your employees know how you want them to handle conflicts that come up under their watch. Make sure that you instruct them on how to respond to customers that are angry. Then have them contact you to handle the situation from there.

Recognize Responsibility

As you continue to work to resolve the issue at hand, readily accept responsibility for the problem. Whether you or an employee is the one who has done something to anger the customer, let them know that you recognize the problem. 

Apologize for the error and accept the responsibility of making it right. The customer cannot feel that they are to blame for the conflict if you want them to leave the conversation satisfied that a resolution has been made.

Reassure Regularly

Finally, you want to communicate well with customers all of the time. When conflicts come up in any builds, this step might need some extra attention. You want to reassure them regularly that their dreams are your priority. 

Remind them that you offer the best contractor financing for customers because you enjoy creating stunning work that they will love. When their next dream project needs to be completed, you want them to hire you again to make it happen.

They can bring any home improvement dream our way for their funding needs. A simple, 60-second inquiry is all that it takes to get the application process started. We are also available by phone at 1-800-254-9560. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

How to Resolve Conflict With Upset Customers

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