4 Reasons Every Contractor Should Have a Blog

Contractor editing their blog

As a contractor, you might not think that an online presence is essential — especially when it comes to having a blog on your website. But a blog is a great way to inform potential clients about your company. It is also a way to connect with your existing clients by keeping current, relative information easily accessible for them. The topics covered in a blog can range from fun and festive to interesting and informative. The subject matter is really up to you! Here are 4 reasons every contractor should have a blog.

Widen Work Possibilities With the Web

A blog is a wonderful online tool to use for many reasons. A contractor’s website and social media accounts are also great online marketing tools. When you decide to use a blog, you can utilize the blog in several ways to connect these tools and build your online presence. 

Systematic blogging will improve the SEO for your business website, even if your blog reading base starts small. That means  your website will organically rank higher on search engines like Google. Over an extended period of time, the SEO will generate more leads and potential customers that you otherwise might not catch. A link to your helpful blogs can be easily shared on any of your social media accounts too. The link will direct interested people to your website, which is exactly what you want. 

Display Your Dexterity and Diligence

Excellent contractor’s work will speak for itself. With a blog, you have another way to display the exceptional work you have accomplished. Blog about the jobs you do, and include photos of the beautiful completion. It is also a wonderful way to exhibit the dexterity of skills that you possess and the diligence with which you complete tasks. A variety of topics for the blogs will make them more interesting. 

Some of the blogs could focus on jobs in progress, also. Displaying different stages of a home improvement project sparks interest and gives information about what to expect throughout the process. This would be a great consecutive blog segment — updating the progress in a series of blogs to keep people coming back for more. Don’t leave out the beautiful, completed projects, either. Fill them with pictures and descriptive blogging. Potential clients will love what they see and read and will want it for themselves.

Help Clients Handle Homeownership

Homeownership is an ongoing learning process. As a contractor, you can offer valuable information in your blog about common questions and concerns that come up often for homeowners. Your knowledge and experience with home improvement, remodeling, and additions are important. Keeping current with the issues homeowners face is crucial. A blog needs fresh information on a regular basis in order to be effective. Your satisfied customers will know that you are available for advice — even when their project is finished. 

Boost Your Brand Building

Every contractor desires to see his or her brand recognized and sought after. By having a fresh, fun blog associated with your brand, the popularity of your business will grow. New customers will be directed to your blogs and website with their searches about a wide range of topics. Your brand will then be imprinted on their mind. Another way to widen your possibilities of getting clients is to include links to your client’s financing options in your branded blogs. HFS Financial is here to help! With a quick, 60-second application we can get your client’s the funding they need. From financing a swimming pool or outdoor kitchen to funding for a new roof, there’s a wide array of loans available. Answers are just a call away at 1-800-254-9560. Stay ahead of the competition with these 4 reasons every contractor should have a blog! “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

4 Reasons Every Contractor Should Have a Blog

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