Roofing Loans & Loans for Metal Roofing

A new roof isn’t cheap, especially if you go with high-quality materials and a reputable roofer who is bonded, licensed, and insured. Sure, it costs more to go with the best, but roofing is a dangerous job. If a worker were to be injured during the project, you could lose your home and savings! HFS Financial understands that roofing costs are an essential home improvement project, which is why we help homeowners get loans for roofs (including metal roofing), and so much more.

Hire your roofing contractor with the satisfaction of knowing they have the best ratings in town. Hire knowing that their workers are covered with worker’s comp insurance, and that they’re bonded, so you’re fully protected against any eventuality. And hire knowing you’ve got the financing you need to cover the costs, because you’ve partnered with HFS Financial! It takes just 60 seconds to see if you qualify for a loan. We work with all sorts of home improvement loans up to $500,000. Applying takes just 1 – minute and to do so does not affect your credit score.

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*Does not affect credit