5 “Extras” Door and Window Businesses Can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

Door and window businesses

Providing good customer service to your prospective clients is important to all door and window businesses. Sometimes all it takes is a handshake and a smile to show prospective clients you’re a good company to work with for their project. Other times, they need more convincing. Sometimes they need a bit of extra service to help show them you’re the best choice. Consider a few things you can do now to make an impression.

#1: Excellent Communication is Valuable

Some of the toughest customers form opinions and beliefs about a company because they don’t have all the information they need. Give it to them. Keep the lines of communication open. Spend a few extra minutes listening to their concerns. Talk to them in realistic terms rather than sales-forward language. Offer them ideas and inspiration, or just repeat what they need and expect. Ensure they know you’re listening.

#2: Transparency in All Aspects of the Business

Trust your customers to understand how business works. They may be respectful about delays due to supply chain issues if you alert them of the problem early on. Be transparent about the shortage of labor upfront, too, if that’s a concern for your operations. Be open about design challenges and the steps you’re taking to mitigate those concerns. The more information you offer and the more transparent you are about how your business runs, the more willing they will be to listen to you.

#3: Prepare Yourself for What’s to Come

Tough customers have often been hurt by others in some way. They typically say things they shouldn’t and may even frustrate you from the first meeting. Develop a thick skin, knowing that their response isn’t about you as much as it is about their experiences. You also want to go into every meeting with the right mental attitude, preparing yourself for what’s to come.

#4: Door and Window Businesses Can Impress with Service

Do what you say you are going to do. Go out of your way to impress your customers with good service. That may be helping them to secure a lower price on the products and services they need or just being honest with them about the process.

#5: Door Contractor Financing May Be an Easy Add-On

If your business is tired of turning down clients for lack of funds, offer them door contractor financing instead. It’s sometimes the case that your customers just need access to funding to get their project underway. When you offer direct access to contractor financing, you can provide them with enough support to close the deal. HFS Financial can help you with this.

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