5 Great Granny Flat Design Options

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Creating a great granny flat design doesn’t have to be anything incredibly difficult. HFS Financial knows that sometimes the most straightforward route is the best. We have several tips for using space you already have to make a rental apartment, granny flat, or accessory dwelling unit. Or create an entirely new space on your primary property. With these plans and our help financing your dreams, your granny flat will be the envy of all grannies everywhere!

Above-the-Garage Add-On

One of the most obvious places to easily add a great granny flat design is above a garage. We have all heard of an over-the-garage apartment, but it doesn’t have to be unfinished or grungy like an attic space. With a quick ADU loan, you can have a chic granny flat design in no time at all. Best of all, the space is already there! You can use the money you save to upgrade the furnishings inside. Add accessibility options for the perfect extra space.

In-the-Garage Renovation

If stairs could be a problem in your granny flat design, redo the garage instead of adding on top of it. Eliminating the stairs could be best for individuals with mobility concerns. Redoing the inside of a garage will still save you money, as the existing space is already there. Add in some drywall and redo the garage door to make a locked entrance (if you want), and you will be set to go in no time. Best of all, if you want your granny to have easy access to the house, this will still allow for that.

In the Basement

Another great space to create your granny flat design is in your basement. Many homes have unfinished basements anyway. Use this opportunity to finish it out and make it a rentable, livable space. It can also be easy to add a separate entrance to this design with a walkout basement. Use a wall that is more exposed than others to place an outer door. If you plan to rent it in the future, everyone will appreciate the separate entrance.

Attached Additional Space

If your home doesn’t have a garage or basement, or maybe you are already using those spaces for something else, it is time to add a room or two. You can choose a side of the home (we recommend further away from the primary bedroom) and build a granny flat design that is customizable to your parent, grandparent, or in-law’s preferences and needs. Be sure to include their own entrance, bathroom, and kitchen or kitchenette while building.

Separate Building

Maybe these options don’t fit the bill for your granny flat design. You can always build an entirely separate building as long as it is on your primary residence’s property. Think of a pool house or guest house. This also allows for excellent space customization for your parents’ or grandparents’ needs.

Once you have picked the perfect spot to add on your great granny flat design, HFS Financial can help you fund that dream. Using our 60-second rate checker will help you discover your options for a personal loan without impacting your credit score. Don’t wait until having your granny flat is a need. Get things squared away today! With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

5 Great Granny Flat Design Options

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