7 Types of ADUs You Can Finance Through HFS Financial

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ADUs (accessory dwelling units) are all the rage in extra space for your home. HFS Financial experts know they are useful and versatile. They can even be used to generate additional income for you. No matter what you want to get from your ADU, HFS can help you find the ADU financing you need to make this dream a reality!

1. Pool House

The most familiar type of ADU you can get ADU financing for is a pool house. You have likely seen the house next to someone’s pool in their yard. This space can be as little as a serving area to serve drinks with extra seating in the shade all the way up to a fully furnished studio or one-bedroom home. 

You can use this as an entertainment space if you host a lot of pool parties. You can also use it as a guest house for friends and family visiting. A favorite option is a way to help it pay for itself by renting it out as an income-generating space.

7 Types of ADUs You Can Finance Through HFS Financial
Make an ADU over your garage as extra livable space.

2. Garage Apartment

You can do similar things with a garage apartment. These are especially useful if you have older children that are still living at home. Convert the extra space over the garage into a small studio for them while they figure out the next steps in life. When they leave, rent it out!

The easiest way to utilize this ADU space in this way is to make sure there is a separate entrance placed when you are renovating. Be sure to include that in your financing through HFS Financial when you apply.

7 Types of ADUs You Can Finance Through HFS Financial
Creating an ADU for your parents or in-laws can prove to be invaluable.

3. In-Law Suite

Another super helpful ADU is an in-law suite. Having aging parents you want close by or who are moving in to help with small children can be a blessing. They still need their own space, though. Create a perfect ADU just for them with an in-law suite. Just be sure you have it ready before it becomes a need instead of a useful thought.

7 Types of ADUs You Can Finance Through HFS Financial
Stop running to the gym each morning and save time and money by building an ADU gym at home.

4. Home Gym

With the pandemic, we all scrambled to create functional spaces for ourselves. Home gyms were at the top of the list for many people when gyms closed. Use that extra garage or basement space to create a home gym complete with its own entrance and bathroom. If you ever get tired of using the gym space, you can easily convert it to something else.

7 Types of ADUs You Can Finance Through HFS Financial
Having a space to play can really change the dynamic of your home.

5. She Shed / Man Cave

These can be all-encompassing. Make it for him, her, or the whole family. A true gem is having an ADU where you can play and entertain at home. With a loan through HFS Financial, you can make this dream a reality in no time.

7 Types of ADUs You Can Finance Through HFS Financial
Since many people are still working from home, why not invest in being able to do so comfortably?

6. Home Office Space

During the pandemic, we also saw a significant need for office space. Imagine using your ADU to house your very own home office. How nice would that have been to have while the kids were out of school and in the background of all your meetings?

7 Types of ADUs You Can Finance Through HFS Financial
A creative use of your ADU allows your mental and relational health to flourish.

7. Art/ Hobby Studio

Finally, you can use your ADU for an art studio or other hobby space. The sky is really the limit when you take out an unsecured personal loan to build an ADU of your own.

At HFS, we want to make it easy for you. Take 60 seconds right now to complete a loan inquiry without impacting your credit score. You can quickly know if you are conditionally approved for a loan or not. And if you are, then the fun is just beginning! With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

7 Types of ADUs You Can Finance Through HFS Financial

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