When to Talk About Financing with Your Contracting Customers

A contractor talks with his contracting customers about financing options over a table covered with paperwork, a calculator, and a yellow hard hat.

Offering financing for your contracting customers can be the difference between landing the project and losing their business to a competitor who offers financing. Occasionally we talk to contractors who understand how offering financing for home improvement projects could be a valuable addition to their website, but they’re a little nervous about the process.

What kind of impact will partnering with HFS Financial have on their contracting business? How and when would they even talk about financing with their contracting customers?

If those concerns sound familiar, we have some good news for you. Don’t worry! This is going to be easier than you can imagine. 

When Should You Talk About Financing with the Customer?

You should talk about financing with your customers during your very first encounter. And you should mention it to every client who contacts you. That may sound overwhelming, but it’s not that complicated or serious at all.

You likely already have a rehearsed list of information you give to every client, right? A spiel, if you will. Talking about financing with your contracting customers is just like that. In fact, it can be as simple as saying, “And we do offer contractor financing options for most home improvement projects” at the end of your existing spiel. That’s really all you have to say. 

If you’ve got visions of presenting loan documents and discussing interest rates with potential clients, you can breathe easy. Mainly, you’ll just point customers to the page on your website when they ask about financing. And they’ll know it’s an option because you already let them know. Then, we’ll do the rest. It only takes 60 seconds for your customers to check their rates

Let Your Contracting Customers Know About Financing in Other Ways, Too

While we absolutely recommend talking to all of your contracting customers about financing, there are some other ways you can advertise to get the word out. Half the battle when you’re offering contractor financing is making sure your contracting customers are informed. They can’t utilize your financing options if they don’t know about them. 

You likely already know about the HFS Financial widget that you installed on your website when you partnered with HFS Financial. One click instantly connects your clients to our financial team. And that’s one form of advertising. But you can also print brochures and fliers for your customers and potential customers. 

Other Times to Mention Contractor Financing

It’s also a good idea to continue to mention financing options to your customers throughout your project. You never know when they may decide a boost in financing would be good for their current project or if they’d be interested in using contractor financing for future projects with you.

Again, it doesn’t have to be a sales pitch or annoying. Just a simple mention of the option. Did you know that half of all home remodels over $5,000 involve financing?

Financing with HFS Financial 

Occasionally, it will be the customer asking you about financing options, and you won’t even need to bring it up. For example, if you’re speaking to a prospective customer, and they tell you that they need to procure a home improvement loan before they can move ahead with the project, you’ll be able to let them know you offer financing options, too.

Then, just direct them to the HFS Financial widget on your website, which will take them to the one-minute inquiry. The loan process is quick, too! They can fund almost any project. And, for you, it will be like an all-cash project. That’s a win for any contractor.

Make sure you’re reminding your customers that you offer financing. And if you’re not already partnered with HFS Financial, are you ready to start offering financing and let HFS Financial work for YOU? Start here! “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


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