6 Reasons to Get a Saltwater Pool

Are you planning on getting a new pool? One of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself during the pool planning process is whether you want a chlorine pool or a saltwater pool.

Chlorine was the standard for many years, but saltwater pools have gained popularity in recent years, and now many homeowners are installing saltwater pools or converting their chlorine pool to saltwater. So why the switch to saltwater? There are several good reasons. From operating costs to personal comfort, many pool owners are finding that a saltwater pool better fits their needs.

Here are just a few reasons to consider a saltwater pool this year.

Saltwater Pools

A saltwater pool is a type of swimming pool that uses electrolysis to convert sodium chloride (salt) into chlorine. This process results in a naturally balanced, low-chlorine environment that is gentler on the skin, eyes and hair than traditional chlorine pools. Saltwater pools are quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives to standard chlorine pools.

How Do Saltwater Pools Work?

First, a saltwater chlorine generator is installed to your pool and then salt is added to the water. If you’re worried about coming out of the pool covered in salt, don’t be. A saltwater pool is only 10% as salty as ocean water, so you won’t get that sensation you do after you jump in the ocean at the beach.

Once the salt is in the water, the water is circulated through a chlorine generator, where it goes through electrolysis for a chemical change. The sodium chloride (salt) is converted into natural chlorine during the process. Finally, the chlorine is dissolved in the water, where it serves to keep the pool clean.

So, what’s the difference, if the end result is still chlorine? The main difference is the end result. There’s much less chlorine in a saltwater pool than in a traditional chlorine pool. This is simply a function of the process by which salt is converted to chlorine. Plus, there are a few other differences that many homeowners enjoy. Here are six of the top reasons to consider getting one.

Reasons to Consider a Saltwater Pool

  • It’s a well-known fact that chlorine can often irritate people who are sensitive to chemical additives, such as causing dry skin, bothered eyes, or dry hair. Saltwater pools are much easier on your skin, eyes, and hair than chlorine.
  • Your swimsuits won’t fade. Another side effect of chlorine is that it can cause your swimsuit and other clothes to fade faster after use, similar to bleach and other chemical use.
  • No chlorine smell! While chlorine is a necessary part of having a regular pool, its smell could be bothersome. If you can’t stand the smell of chlorine, a saltwater pool might be better for you.
  • Saltwater pools are less expensive to run and maintain in the long run than chlorine pools. While they are more expensive to setup, you’ll recoup the costs over time, because salt is much cheaper than chlorine.
  • Saltwater pools are easier to maintain than chlorine pools and require less of a time commitment on your part to do so.
  • If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that there can suddenly be supply chain issues. If you want to avoid struggling to find chlorine from retailers during pool chemical shortages, maybe consider investing in a saltwater pool instead.

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6 Reasons to Get a Saltwater Pool

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