5 Tips for an Updated Backyard Design

an updated backyard design and landscaping with rock wall, steps, and colorful flowers

It’s that time of year again. You are well into the season of breaking out your lawn equipment and spending your Saturday mornings cutting grass. As you climb aboard your faithful lawn mower, you look around and wonder at the vast possibilities your outdoor space offers. Is there any way you could pull off a landscaping project? Absolutely! In fact, here are five tips for an updated backyard design to get you started. 

Gorgeous Gardens and Edible Plants

Believe it or not, you don’t have to add a lot to your to-do list when you create an updated backyard design. Low-maintenance and even drought-resistant plants are currently on trend. Whether it’s for economic or environmental reasons, gardeners agree that adding a self-sustaining garden makes for a beautiful option. 

Mixing in some edible plants along with your ornamentals into your backyard design makes for double the beauty. It’s also a great way to get your neighborhood involved. Plant fruits, herbs, and vegetables where the community can pitch in and help. It’s also a great learning opportunity for younger kids. 

Here are some of the top ten vegetables and edible flowers to add to your garden.

  1. Tomatoes
  2. Marigolds
  3. Zucchini
  4. Basil
  5. Sunflowers
  6. Peppers
  7. Mint
  8. Cucumbers
  9. Petunias
  10. Chives

Majestic Water Features

Create a tranquil space with a water feature. Whether you build a fish pond or simply add a water fountain, water features in the garden are a timeless addition. You can also build a waterfall with creatively placed rocks and a water feature. 

Beautiful Birds and Bees

Build a nature retreat in your own backyard by adding birdhouses or even brood boxes for bees. You’ll create a live nature show you can enjoy in your outdoor oasis. It’s helpful to do some research on what the birds in your area are attracted to and how to take proper care of bees if you choose to add some. You may even be able to harvest a sweet treat!

A Place to Play

Building a play structure in your backyard is a great way to create a fun and safe environment for your kids to play. Not only does it provide them with a space to run around and be active, but it also encourages them to use their imaginations and socialize with other children. 

By having a play structure at home, you can save money on outings to the park or playground and have peace of mind knowing that your kids are playing in a secure and familiar environment. Additionally, it can make your property more appealing to potential buyers looking for a home for their family in the future. 

Quality Backyard Amenities

It’s easier than ever to boost your backyard amenities. From a stunning hot tub that offers the ultimate in hydrotherapy to a breathtaking backyard pool, today’s outdoor aesthetics focus on quality amenities and relationships. The goal is to create an atmosphere for recreation, relationships, and relaxation. When you build your backyard as your ideal place of enjoyment, you’ll love your home even more than you already do.

Some quality amenities to add to your backyard include:

  1. A Hot Tub
  2. A Swimming Pool
  3. An Outdoor Kitchen
  4. A Pool House

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5 Tips for an Updated Backyard Design

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