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Finding ways to take time for self-care can be complicated in today’s culture. That’s why it is so important to build spaces of relaxation and renewal right at home. Adding a hot tub, spa, or swim spa is the perfect way to support healthy self-care, and bringing home the hot tub or spa of your dreams couldn’t be easier. Transform your backyard into a private spa retreat with a hot tub, swim spa or spa financing from HFS Financial.

What Benefits Are There from Owning a Hot Tub or Spa?

Hot tubs and swim spas have many incredible benefits to improve your overall health. From impactful hydromassage to fitness and wellness support, owning a hot tub, spa, or swim spa can be the key to a whole new you.


Quality hot tubs and spas can provide the healthy benefits of hydrotherapy. If you are looking to treat sore muscles and aching joints, have support for chronic pain, or experience incredible massage therapy, a hot tub or spa is always a great addition to your home and life. And if you want the incredible impact of aquatic fitness and recreation, hydrotherapy in a swim spa is unmatched.

Either way, HFS Financial makes swim spa financing and hot tub financing fast and easy.

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Support healthy sleep and mental health with a new hot tub, spa, or swim spa.

Better Sleep and Mental Health

Proper relaxation is an essential and healthy part of life. Hot tubs and spas offer opportunities to relax and unwind in the comfort of home after long days at work, school, appointments or errands. You can experience a release of hormones that will help you let go of stress and anxiety. This will consequently help you sleep better as well.

The heat of the hot tub or swim spa water also raises your core body temperature. When you exit your spa, your body temperature decreases, signaling to your brain it is time for a good night’s rest. Better sleep will help provide you with more energy and better decision-making throughout the day.

Weight Loss and Exercise

Hot tubs and swim spas can also help you meet weight loss goals and provide better ways to get low-impact exercise. If these goals are on your agenda, you can save money by investing in your own hot tub or swim spa instead of paying for costly gym memberships year after year. It can also be helpful in recovering from injuries that need low-impact movements to assist in the healing process.

What Do I Need to Include in My Hot Tub or Spa Financing?

Whether you are installing a stand-alone hot tub, swim spa, or built-in spa, you may need financing to accomplish your dreams. Hot tubs and spas are generally installed more quickly than pools and can be purchased as a completed unit. However, there are several things to consider other than the purchase price when obtaining financing. Don’t forget to think through everything you need and include it in your loan amount.

New Deck

If you want to have your hot tub accessible outside of a bedroom or living area that does not already have a deck in place, you will need to build one. Having a nice deck around your hot tub will only enhance its usefulness. Hot tubs can be tricky to move, so placing them where you want them on the first go around will save you a lot of headaches and money later.

Hot Tub financed by HFS Financial on top of a wood deck overlooking a forest
Include everything you need with hot tub financing, including a new deck or fence.

Existing Decks

Existing decks almost always have to be reinforced to accommodate the considerable weight of a hot tub, water, and bathers. You will want to check with a contractor or the hot tub dealer in your area before bringing home your new addition. They will be able to tell you exactly what reinforcement your deck needs to safely support your purchase.

Concrete Pad or Patio

If you are looking for where to place your hot tub or swim spa in your yard, you’ll need a firm foundation, be that a patio or a reinforced concrete pad. A patio or concrete pad location will serve as a level, strong foundation — supporting your hot tub or swim spa for the long term. From materials to labor, you can include your location construction in your loan amount.

Excavation for Inground Spas, Swim Spas and Hot Tubs

Some dealers and contractors can help you install your swim spa, spa or hot tub in the ground or build an in-pool spa with your new pool build. If this is the case, you will need to consider the costs of having a team out to excavate your land before installation. Including this in your loan amount can help you have easy monthly payments that make financing incredibly appealing.


For strength and power to operate multiple pumps and features, most hot tubs and swim spas require a dedicated 220V hardwired electrical connection that connects directly to your electrical panel. An electrician will need to come out to your residence and run the appropriate wiring for your hot tub or spa’s electrical needs. It is important that an electrician does this work, as faulty or improperly installed wiring could cause damage to your hot tub or swim spa.

A concrete hot tub financed by HFS Financial
Built-in spas can be luxurious and relaxing.


If you do not already have one, you may want to factor in the cost of a fence. Even if you have a fence, it may need to be changed or adjusted — like being made taller — to best accommodate your needs. Knowing that your investment is secure and that you are shielded from prying eyes is a double win.

Fun Extras

Don’t forget any other things you want to include, such as a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or landscaping around your new swim spa, spa or hot tub. If accessories are not included with the purchase price, you will also want to consider things like stairs and a cover and cover lifter. You could also go all out and redo the entire backyard with new patio furniture to match. Whatever it is that you want, it can be added to give you a great spa area to relax, entertain, and enjoy.

Get a comprehensive quote from your local pool and spa dealer, so you know how much of a loan to apply for. HFS Financial works with in-pool spa loans, swim spa loans and hot tub loans! Whatever your purchase choice, we’ve got you covered with an array of lending options featuring industry-leading terms and fixed rates. Check your rate in as little as 60 seconds and get started building your backyard retreat today! You won’t regret adding a spa, hot tub or swim spa to your life.

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Find the financing you need for your hot tub, spa, or swim spa with HFS Financial.

Why Partner with HFS Financial for Your Swim Spa Financing and Hot Tub Financing?

While there are options to financing your new at-home hot tub or swim spa, there are a few reasons why you will quickly find that HFS Financial is the best option.

No Impact on Your Credit

When you use the HFS rate checker, there is no impact on your credit for inquiry. You can see your options without having a hard hit to your credit — making it easier for you to make an informed decision on the best amenities for home.

Fast Inquiry

We won’t make you wait days to discover how much you qualify for. Fill out our 60-second rate check form online to see the rate options available to help you make a fantastic decision. One of our exceptional customer care team members will be in contact soon to discuss your options.

No Staged Funding

There’s nothing worse than having a delay for the funding that you need. With HFS Financial, you’ll never find funds that are only handed out after inspections and approvals. You’ll have the cash you need to make your purchase, hire contractors, and set up your perfect spa space at home.

No Collateral

Don’t worry about collateral for your hot tub, spa or swim spa purchase. Enjoy the freedom of a personal loan that gives you the flexibility to spend your own money how you need to.

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Inground spa applications are easy with the right financing.

HFS Financial Helps You with the Financing You Need

When it’s time to get the money you need to build your dream space, reach out to HFS Financial for expert assistance. As leaders in home improvement and home recreation financing, we’ll work closely with you to get your loan approved, so you can start enjoying your new hot tub, swim spa, or in-pool spa sooner rather than later! You’ll be able to bring home your beautiful space of endless recreation and relaxation. With HFS Financial on your side, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

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