5 Ways Pole Barn and Steel Building Contractors Can Keep Costs Down Without Sacrificing Quality and Customer Service

steel building contractors works on steel construction while keeping costs down

Steel for buildings and pole barns — as well as all of the other materials, equipment, and tools — is very expensive. However, the cost of steel skyrocketed in 2020 and continues to soar as demand rises, hitting steel building contractors hard. It’s been more difficult to predict steel costs in the past couple of years, due to both the pandemic and the subsequent steel shortage. This has posed a challenge to many steel building contractors and other industries that use steel.

In any way you can, continue to monitor the cost of steel. While steel demand is predicted to continue to rise in 2022 and 2023, it probably won’t rise quite as high as it did in 2021. But there are ways pole barn and steel building contractors can keep costs down without sacrificing quality and customer service, even with the current high cost of steel.

Consider Becoming a Dealer and Erector of Prefab Steel Buildings

Prefab steel buildings come with many cost-effective perks.

  • You can save on the cost of materials since they are predetermined with each kit.
  • Many of them are designed with energy efficiency in mind.
  • They have a more streamlined build process, so you can build faster and more often through the year.


On top of that, just because you’re offering to erect a prefab steel building doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality. Many prefab steel building manufacturers only use some of the very best steel available and offer extended warranties on their products. 

Have a Master Plan and Stick to It

When first meeting with new customers, come up with a master plan together and stick to it. Along with everything covered in your contract agreement, thoroughly discuss what should happen in case anything doesn’t go according to plan. Have a backup plan to the backup plan.

Having a clear idea on what to do throughout the project, even with potential setbacks, will help reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes.

Keep an Open Line of Communication with Customers

While this should be done regardless, keeping an open line of communication with your customers helps you both. Effective communication costs nothing, but the lack of it could cost everything.

Customers want to be informed on the progress of their pole barn or steel building. So be sure to keep them in loop on everything, including both positive progress and unexpected delays. Your master plan will help with this, as it will help you navigate the next steps.

Stay Current on Steel Building Contractors Safety Regulations and Training

Steel building construction needs to be a safe trade. You’ll want you and your employees to stay up to date on safety regulations and training as much as possible. Not only will it help protect you from costly mistakes and medical bills, it will also keep you and your team safe and productive. 

Offer Pole Barn and Steel Building Financing

Another great way to keep costs down is by offering pole barn financing or steel building financing. By partnering with HFS Financial, you can cut through the red tape and get your customers the quality financing they need to complete their pole barn or steel building. With HFS, your customers get their projects fully funded from the get-go — no more costly project delays due to a hold up at the bank! That way you can focus on what you do best — build steel buildings and provide great customer service. Learn how you can partner with HFS Financial today. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

5 Ways Pole Barn and Steel Building Contractors Can Keep Costs Down Without Sacrificing Quality and Customer Service

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