Loans for Pole Barns

Pole barns are cost-effective, sturdy and strong, and make barn raising quicker and easier. Whether you plan to DIY your own pole barn or hire a contractor to build one for you, HFS Financing can help you find the best possible terms to finance your new pole barn build.

Pole barns remain popular, especially in rural areas, but the building technique has caught on in other structures, including pole-barn style homes, cabins, churches, picnic shelters, and storage buildings. These make excellent man caves, extra storage for sporting and lawn equipment, a place for keeping out-of-season decorations, and even a place to “store” the teenagers when they start their own rock band! HFS Financial works with all types of home improvement financing, so we can connect you with loan options for simple covered structures or completely finished buildings.

Important note: Our pole barn loans are for primary residences only. We cannot do a commercial pole barn loan or one for your investment property. But if you’re building at your primary home, we’ve got the best pole barn loans available!